Top Eco Friendly Home Renovation Tips

When it comes to updating your home, the way it looks will most likely be at the forefront of the decisions you make for those new improvements. Other important factor includes functionality aspects, sustainability/longevity and simplicity.

Something else that’s really important to think about includes the idea of making your home ‘greener’. Reducing our carbon footprint is a hot topic at the moment, and if it’s something you’ve thought about in regards to your upcoming home renovation, then we’re here to help. We’ve come up with some top tips for helping your home upgrade to be more eco friendly, so the environment doesn’t have to suffer just to make your house look great!

Properly insulate your home

A good place to start is to make sure your home is properly insulated. This generally means upgrading doors and windows, as these are the two main areas that let in drafts etc, though adding some loft/roof insulation is a great idea too. This is not only great for the environment in terms of reducing the amount of energy you’ll use in your home, but it will also help keep those energy bills down, too!

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Consider installing solar panels

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular nowadays as they’re a great way to reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills, as sun light is of course free, and the government also pays you for the electricity you produce. You can find out more about solar panels in the UK here.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We’ve all heard that phrase a million times before, but it’s definitely worth remembering when it comes to home renovation. Aim to cut back on new things that you’re buying, or at least aim to buy eco friendly materials. Look into ways of reusing your existing items in new ways – a process often referred to as ‘upcycling’, and don’t forget to recycle as much of your wastage as possible.

Upgrade to energy efficient appliances

If you’re investing in some new appliances, why not make it a really wise investment by ensuring they’re energy efficient ones? Check they have an energy efficiency star rating, and watch as your bills get lower and lower, without compromising on performance. You can even recycle your old appliances and electronics, too!

Use environmentally friendly materials

As well as upgrading to eco friendly appliances, think about the other aspects of home renovation when going green. Things like the pain you use and the materials for things like flooring will all have an impact on the environment, so take that into consideration when doing your research and shopping.

Make use of eco friendly lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to create atmosphere in the home, as well as being highly functional of course! Opting for energy efficient bulbs won’t compromise on the amount of light in the rooms you use them in, but they will help the environment and help to reduce your energy bills. They also last longer than standard bulbs too, meaning you buy less of them.


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