Herbow helps city dwellers grow herbs outside their windows

With the aim to assess the practical implications of their design ideas, we often witness international designers listing their designs at the world’s largest and most renowned Red Dot Design Awards. This year’s anthology of concepts includes certain green designs which, if put to actual practice, can help make our planet a better place to sustain our lives. Herbow, designed by Hsu Hao-Po, Chang Yu-Hui and Chang Chung-Wei, is one such concept that enables urban dwellers create a green space around their dwellings.

By using the window planter tray, urban farmers can grow small crops, herbs and vegetables in pots beside their windows. The highly practical window planter system would allow plants to get maximum exposure to natural sunlight, air and mild showers. Moreover, for homeowners, it could be a greener way of blocking sunlight and rain than the traditional window shelters. More use of such planters means expansion in city’s planting area, which, undeniably, is a welcome sign.

An eave extendng over the shelter ensures that water finds a passage ‘through the gap between Herbow and the window frame.’ Furthermore, the window planter has two holes on either sides for ensuring better drainage of surplus water. Surely, it’s a green design which should be made commercially available as soon as possible.

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