Ideas and tips for eco-friendly gardening

With the increasing deforestation and mining of elements from the earth, hazards to the environment are increasing by the day. We can do our bit by employing eco-friendly techniques in our gardens to get organic produce for self and good environment for everyone.

Growing vegetables in the garden

Growing vegetables

As per estimates, millions of acres of land in the United States are lawn. Although, it is not bad to have a lawn, why not grow your own vegetables in your garden. The organic fruits and vegetables available in the market are quite expensive. So growing them in your garden will save you money and give you fresh and healthy food stuff. The pleasure of plucking vegetables from your own garden is worth the effort. Moreover, when you use eco-friendly fertilizers, you know you are doing your bit to keep the environment clean.

When it comes to having a garden, it’s also important to consider how to water your plants in the most eco-friendly way. A good garden hose by Gilmour will last you a long time and will minimize the risk of leaks which can waste huge amounts of water each year.

Using Natural Compost

say no to fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers bring harmful effects to the soil, not only they ruin the soil fertility but also transfer harmful effects to the produce. Using natural compost in your garden is the best answer to the problem, adding natural elements back to nature will result in better consequences. That is one good reason why the compost is called the “Gardner’s gold.” When organic waste of your kitchen and a few earthworms can save you money, what is the need to buy chemicals then? Using earthworms to turn your organic waste in to useful natural fertilizer is known as Vermicompost.

The basic difference between compost and vermicompost is that in the simple composting the organic waste in left in the composter to decay. The bacteria and microorganisms convert the waste into fertilizer. In Vermicompost, by adding earthworms to the composter, the process of waste conversion is expedited. The earthworms eat away the organic waste and excrete, this excreta is the best natural fertilizer, available free of cost.

Use recycled products in your garden

Old Tub Planter

From garden kits to recycled planters and lawn furniture, a wide range of recycled products is available in the market. A simple thing like an old hose can be used to make a compost bin, you just need to knit the hose to four wooden poles and the bin is ready. There are several advantages of recycling, the best or the foremost is protecting the environment. Recycling can help in reducing deforestation, when paper is recycled, a lot of trees are saved from felling.

Similarly, the process of recycling reduces pollution, industrial waste is major cause of pollution today, instead of throwing away stuff, why not re-use it, to reduce the manufacturing processes. Energy is also conversed by using recycled products, there is considerable reduction in mining and refining. When the products are manufactured for the first time, more of energy is consumed to convert the raw material into the final product. You can create an eco-friendly garden by using recycled products.

Eliminating the bugs

bio-pesticides FOR LAWN

There are several ways to get rid of the insects and parasites, which destroy your crop. One is adding harmful chemicals and pesticides to your garden, which of course is not eco-friendly. Insects like the ladybug eat away pests, plant more colorful flowers so that bugs like these are attracted to your garden and lay their eggs there.

Birds help, they eat the pests like the snails and the caterpillars, who are otherwise determined to destroy your crop. Install birdfeeders to attract birds to your garden, they would come in search of food and water and enjoy the bugs as a treat.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting (1)

Utilizing the rainwater in your garden makes perfect sense when you are keen to employ eco-friendly methods of gardening. Rainwater from rooftops is channelized through pipes into a tank, this water can be filtered or used directly. The water collected from the rains is free of chemicals like chlorine and is good for gardening.

Eco-friendly products are gaining popularity because more and more people are being aware of their advantages. Employ eco-friendly techniques to maintain your garden and contribute towards a greener tomorrow.

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