Eco Friendly Ways to Handle Plumbing Problems

When you get a clogged drain or have some other type of plumbing problem you might feel overwhelmed when you are checking out the store shelves for products to help.  Let’s face it, there are so many chemicals in most of these products that they are anything but eco-friendly.  If this concerns you and you want more for your family then you should check out the following tips to help you handle your plumbing issues in an environmentally friendly way.


Unclogging a Toilet the Eco Friendly Way


When you find that you have a clogged toilet you have to remember to stay calm.  Do not flush the toilet more than once if it is not going down.   If you do flush more than once you are more likely to have an overflowing toilet.


Let It Sit


The first thing that you will want to try is letting the clog sit for a while.  Some clogs, like too much toilet paper, can break down easily on their own over time.  The weight of the water alone will push it through over a few hours’ time.


Use a Plunger
The next step to try is using a plunger.  Make sure to pick a plunger that is going to get a good seal as they can push tougher clogs through than other plungers.  Today you can even find plungers that you can pump and these work great on stubborn clogs.


Lubricant and Hot Water


For a clog that is causing a slow flow, not a clog that is causing there to be no flow at all, you can try this method from Natural News.  Fill a bucket with hot tap water (too hot can cause porcelain to crack and ruin your toilet).  Add a few drops of eco-friendly dish soap to the toilet and then a few drops of olive oil.  Immediately after adding the oil pour in the hot bucket of water.  The hot water helps to break down the clog while the oil helps to lubricate the pipe so that it gets pushed through quicker.


If these do not work then it is probably time for you to call a great plumber.  Some plumbers, like Ritz Plumbing will work to fix your clog in the most eco-friendly way possible.


Fixing a Clogged Drain the Eco Friendly Way


The best thing you can do for a clogged drain is to prevent them in the first place by using a great drain sieve.  Sadly you cannot prevent all clogs which means sometimes you will need to know how to get rid of a clog.  How you fix your clogged drain will depend on the type of clog in the drain.  The following is a guideline as to some basics to try with the two main types of clogs.


Grease Clogs


The first thing that you should try with a grease clog is to use a plunger.  Today you can find some great sink plungers that will help you get a better seal on your sink drain which can help remove stubborn grease clogs.  Try removing the clog several times with a plunger.  If this does not work still try to remove all of the water.  A shop vac works great to remove water from the drain too.  Once all of the water is removed, add some eco friendly dishwashing liquid or pine cleaner to the drain.  Let it sit a few hours and then pour your largest pot of boiling water down the drain.  You might have to do these steps a few times depending on how stubborn your clog is.


Hair Clogs


If you have a lot of long hair in your family then you might find yourself with a clogged bathroom sink or shower drain due to the extra hair that naturally gets washed down.  Most of the time removing the plug will pull the majority of the clog out.  If this does not work you will want to call a plumber or attempt snaking the drain yourself.


If you work hard to prevent clogs you will be able to avoid doing these things as much as possible.  Disposing of grease in old containers rather than putting it down the drain is one way to start.  Another is to remember to always brush your hair before your shower and to keep hairbrushes and combs cleaned before using them to style around your sink.



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