Supreme Court Bans Indian Media Over 'Toxic' Aircraft Carrier

We know the French aircraft carrier, Clemenceau, is decommissioned. It was on its way to Alang ship-breaking yard in the western Indian state of Gujarat. All got to know these from the media.

But, be it print, online or audio-visuals or audio – all…

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China: 'Toxic' Baby bottles made of recycled compact discs seized

With “recycling” becoming the buzzword in the current industry trends, some are illegally and immorally banking on it to earn fast money out of it. Baby bottles made from recycled compact discs are found to contain dangerous levels of the toxic…

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Revenge of the Killer Whales

Recent times have seen more and more sightings of killer whales in arctic waters. This is being linked to the warming climate and melting sea ice. The whales are capitalizing on the warming climate as other habitats are lost, due to pollution and…

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Book Review: The hungry planet eating itself

If you really wish to have a widespread perception on the global situation, piece together multitudes of close-ups and have a thorough look of the people profiles. When it is not possible for you to do, then grab ‘Hungry Planet’, by Peter Menzel and…

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Chemical release into US Environment is declining steadily: Report

Here is a piece of information that will surly relief not only the environmentalists but also the habitants of United States, especially those who are aware and concerned of the polluted air they are breathing in.

Do you know the toxic chemical…

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Eco Friend Latest

10 Tips to Follow When Building a Green Home

As an environmentally conscious person, you would like to construct …

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How successfully can the use of cancer-causing dry cleaning toxic solvent be stopped by 2020?

Dry cleaners use a hazardous air pollutant — perchloroethylene, or perc in the cleaning procedure. Exposure to this pollutant increases the risk cancer and neurological damage. With this in view, the Environmental Protection Agency tightened public…

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Arctic Ice is Melting: Scientists Fearing the Consequences

The effects of global warming are looming large in the Arctic. Scientists fear it while warning of melting ocean ice, rising oceans, thawed permafrost and forests susceptible to bugs and fire.

“A lot of the stories you read make it sound like…

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Some Birds Are Not Flying South: Blame Global Warming?

Africa will gradually stop witnessing the European songbirds, as they are canceling their winter trips there as a break. Rather, they seem to be preferring to fly to Great Britain instead, according to bird experts. European songbirds may be story for…

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Are PETA, Greer's attacks on Irwin's Wildlife Career adding to his fan's mutilation of stingrays?

After the Aussie Feminist icon Germaine Greer’s admonishment of the deceased Animal Planet Crocodile Hunter kicking up criticisms across the world for herself, it is now the animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that..

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Western Europe Offloaded 100,000 Tonnes of Waste Uranium to Russia: Greenpeace Alleges

The nuclear plants in Western Europe are claimed to have offloaded 100,000 tonnes of waste uranium to Russia. The Greenpeace says this as it comments the nuclear industry has a dirty secret.

The Western European nuclear fuel companies and the Russian…

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Eco Fashion Guide

Eco Fashion: Huckstraps helps you keep your pants up, sustainably

Eco fashion freaks would go for anything that promises to …

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Six Beavers Released in England to Save It

Overlooking the first failure to restore the animal from extinction, six beavers from Bavaria were released in western England as a second attempt. It is a species that has been extinct in the country since the 12th century. The earlier effort was made…

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River pollutants threaten Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef stretching along 1400 miles down the North East coast is already under the major threat of global warming. Recent Satellite images taken buy NASA have brought into the notice the another great threat to reef than ever realized. There…

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Pacific Sealife suffering from Plastic-Trash menaces!

Plastic trash is creating a menace in the middle of the Pacific Ocean threatening sea creatures that get tangled in it, eat it or ride on it, according to a new report. The vast vortex of the plastic trash comprises old toothbrushes, beach toys and…

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Ways Gardening Could Help You Lead a More Fulfilling Life

5 Ways Gardening Could Help You Lead a More Fulfilling Life

It doesn’t matter whether it is meditation or working out, …

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Helpful Tips to Make Your New House Feel like Home

3 Helpful Tips to Make Your New House Feel like Home

Most people who move into a new place spend a …

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Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete Retaining Walls: All You Need to Know About Them

Retaining walls are landscape features installed to prevent landslides and …

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