Fungi, not pesticide, to fight invasive Knapweed!

The invasive knapweed is considered as one of the most-destructive noxious weeds in the West. It notoriously crowd-out nutritious forage for their livestock! To combat an invasive weed, a University of Idaho researcher is harnessing the power of tiny.

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It Costs $123 Million a Year to Keep Public Lands Open for Grazing

Grazing seems to be turning expensive! At least $123 million is spent by federal agencies each year, to keep public lands open to livestock grazing. $123 million! That is what a government report says. Ranching on the millions of acres of public lands…

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How do mosquitoes use blood to reproduce?

Don’t let those mosquitoes suck your blood. It’s not because of the diseases it transforms but to allow it to reproduce less. The first blood a female mosquito sucks triggers its reproductive system to produce eggs! This is found by a University of…

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Australia: Sunspot cycles to predict droughts, floods

Australia should get ready to prepare itself for the heavy rainfall later this year and in 2008. New scientific research says this after studying the links between the sun’s magnetic pulse and Earth’s climatic systems.

Atmospheric circulation, the…

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Global warming recovering Iraq's marshes

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Mesopotamian marshes of Iraq were devastated by the Hussein regime’s campaign to ditch, dike, drain, and burn them. Since 2003, they are left destroyed. Nature, took its own heed to restore it. It got reflooded, and…

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Hawaii Islands crowned the World's largest marine sanctuary title

The largest marine sanctuary in the world is crowned to a scattered chain of Hawaiian islands. The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands will form part of a 140,000-square-mile (362,580-square-kilometer) protected area, and this is nearly the size of…

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7 Must Watch Documentaries About Our Environment

The climate change movie called An Inconvenient Truth was probably …

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Crab forms internal 'skeleton' made of gas from its gut while shading: Study finds

Surviving in an antagonistic environment without a skeleton literally, is a dangerous challenge to life. But, this is what crabs and other animals periodically do to grow larger! — shed their hard shells, or exoskeletons.

But, new research says that..

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China: Booming Economy with Dooming Environment?

The country’s rapid economic growth is taking place at a grave environmental cost. The targets it had set to protect the environment in energy efficiency and pollution emissions have failed. China is the world’s largest consumer of coal and,…

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Great Barrier Reef in Jeopardy: Scientists

With the southern hemisphere experiencing the heat of the season, Australia’s ongoing hot summer is reportedly inflicting great harm to the largest natural feature on Earth — Great Barrier Reef. University of Queensland scientists claim to be…

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Brazilian fast food chain intros absolutely edible paper wrappers

Can’t remember exactly how many times thus far, but hunger …

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Indonesia quake: Death toll rises to 36

The Indonesian earthquake that rocked the southern coast of central Java island early Saturday, has by now claimed 36 lives, injuring at least 100, the U.S. Geological Survey, and a Yogyakarta hospital spokesman reported.

More and more injured people..

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6,000 B.C. Settlements Unveiled in Greece

Though the first traces of human settlement in Greece date to at least 4,000 B.C., farming settlements seem to be dating back to as early as 6,000 B.C.! Archaeologists in northern Greece have uncovered traces of two prehistoric farming settlements, the.

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Is the Iceberg Spotted From New Zealand Shore an effect of global warming?

It was a rare experience for a New Zealander. Only people in their late 70’s may have witnesses something like this in their life, and that too in their childhood! — an iceberg from its shore. It must be one of about 100 that have been drifting south of.

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Japan Wants All Nations in Post-Kyoto Deal

Japan wants all nations — including the United States and especially China — to be bound by the next framework aimed at fighting global warming, Environment Minister Yuriko Koike announced this last Friday. To discuss taking the Kyoto Protocol beyond…

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