Pregnancy Test Declines Frog-counts, the Best Pollution Indicator

Concerns over amphibians, being threatened worldwide, have put a summit in the headlines, held in Washington DC. Frogs widely used for pregnancy tests are feared to have carried a fungal disease, chytridiomycosis with them, resulting in their sharp…

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Climate change increasing seals' sex life, hence their genetic diversity!

With the temperatures rising and rainfall decreasing i.e changing climate, female grey seals are being forced to travel further in search of fresh water. And, the male seals are taking all advantage of it! They are having comparatively more sex with..

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G8 ministers meet in Germany to help curb greenhouse gas emission

Environment ministers from the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations are currently now in Germany with two major issues in their agenda –

* how to reduce emission of greenhouse gas,
* how to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

The key developing…

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Indonesia needs to restore lost forests immediately to lessen natural disasters: Activists

The already wretched victim to natural calamities, Indonesia has been pounced with disasters like flash floods that have killed 100 people and displaced more than 400,000 this year can face repeated calamities unless it takes swift action for…

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Is A Tourist An Ugly Human Being?!


Tourism, which sells luxury and indulgence, can be a profligate consumer of natural resources.

Worldwide, 50 million people play golf. Each year, up to 5,000 hectares of the Earth’s land surface – an area the size of Paris – is…

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Eco Friend Latest

Awesome eco-friendly hand cranked cameras you will love

In the age of mobile phone cameras, one might feel …

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Eco Gadgets Guide

Natural Keyboard flaunts moss clad, wooden keys

Designed by Robbie Tilton and Danny Rozin for Digital Fabrication, …

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The Age of 'Eco-Refugees'!-A Fact File

One estimate says that as many as 150 million people may be displaced by the impacts og global warming and consequent sea-level by 2050. That’s 1.5 percent of that year’s predicted global population of 10 billion.

According to a report by the IPCC,…

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Eco Gadgets Guide

H2 Energy: Portable electricity generating device uses water, emits vapors

Even the best ideas mean nothing until they’re realized or …

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Synthetic Wheat to Combat Drought, Disease and Changing Climate

With drought and disease engulfing the world gradually, the fear of wheata’s losing its survival battle is growing. But, scientists did not leave us disappointed. We rightly, relied on them as they found out a way to keep on supplying the world’s…

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Q#11: KING KONG – Reality or Myth?

While most scientists agree that Gigantopithecus died out long ago, some people – Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti enthusiasts in particular – believe that this ape is the source of tales of giant and hairy beasts roaming the woods.

The Gigantopithecus…

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San Francisco already ripe for another devastating earthquake!

The land was once devastated and reduced to piles of rubbles. I am talking about San Francisco Bay Area, which was engulfed by a massive earthquake a hundred years ago – wounds still fresh in the minds of the witnesses and a nightmare for ones who…

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Kenyan Wildlife and Cattle Struggle Sharing A Patch of Land And Water

Its hard time balancing the needs of both grazing cattle and wild animals in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. It is becoming more and more complex, as elephants, buffaloes and other wild animals drink water on one side of a swamp. And on the other,.

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Can tsunamis be prevented by replanting coasts?

Some experts believe, the 2004 tsunami could have engulfed fewer lives, had the coasts been protected by dense coastal forests! But, how true is it?

Marine biologist Andrew Baird of James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland, Australia,…

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Blame global warming for increasing cyclone frequency

Darwin received its biggest scare as Cyclone Monica smashed through it last week. You can blame global warming for more future super cyclones in Australia. Scientists and environmentalists are concerned about it.

The Australian Conservation…

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A Guide to Sustainable Fishing Practices How to Fish Responsibly

A Guide to Sustainable Fishing Practices: How to Fish Responsibly

Fishing is not just a hobby or a means of …

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The Impact of Climate Change on Canada's Biodiversity and Species

The Impact of Climate Change on Canada’s Biodiversity and Species

Climate change poses a significant threat to ecosystems and biodiversity …

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Moving Overseas and Abroad How to Move Your Belongings to a New Country

Moving Overseas and Abroad: How to Move Your Belongings to a New Country

Moving abroad is a great opportunity to start from scratch …

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