Solar powered cellphone concepts to ensure a sustainable chatter

Here is some good news for the people who always wanted to have an alternative to regular cell phone charging process. You can now use solar energy to charge your phone, which will not only save you money but is environment friendly too. Although cell phones getting charged from solar energy is not a new concept but it’s still in its nascent stage. Day by day evolving technologies have made this concept more practical and convenient. Let’s find out what all companies are involved with this concept and what they have to offer to the end customer.


LG 3D mobile phone

This concept cell phone from LG is not only powered by solar energy but you can view images and videos in 3D as well. This phone, designed by Petr Kubik, has solar panels fitted at the phone’s backside, which charges the phone from the ambient sunlight. The phone is provided with interactive stylus and 3D glasses with which you can enjoy 3D viewing.

Siemens Gigaset Eco

This state of art cell phone from Siemens is designed by Formwelt Design Studio and is one of the most efficient phones as far as power consumption is concerned. Unlike other phones, which have solar panels only at the backside, this phone has solar panels all over its body. Due to this new design concept the time taken to recharge the phone from solar energy is considerably reduced.


Nokia E10 solar powered phone

This innovative phone addresses the basic concern found with all solar powered phone i.e. small solar panels size. With foldable solar panels the phone gets charged quickly and you can use it for longer durations. The phone, designed by Chris Wang, is equipped with Lithium battery too, so that you get the maximum standby and talk time.

Aeolus solar powered phone

The beauty of this phone is that it can be charged from wind as well as solar energy. An inbuilt fan based charging mechanism and solar panels installed on the phone makes sure that you never get out of juice. This phone uses a simple energy efficient LCD screen and deploys various power conservation techniques to enhance the battery life.


Eclipse intuit cell phone

Eclipse Intuit, a stylish and sleek phone, gets its charging from the ambient light such as solar energy. The best part with this phone is that the solar panels used are latest, state of art chemical based panels, which have higher energy conversion ratio.

Eclipse concept phone

Not only this phone is chargeable via solar energy, the ultramodern stylish design of this cell phone makes sure you look cool and trendy with this phone in your hand. Using energy efficient solar panels, this phone definitely stands out from the lot.

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