Natural Keyboard flaunts moss clad, wooden keys

Designed by Robbie Tilton and Danny Rozin for Digital Fabrication, the Natural Keyboard offers you yet another way to go closer to nature. Flaunting moss-covered keypad and wooden keys, the keyboard design is sure to attract eco-conscious buyers. Moreover, when you feel like you’ve had enough of it, you can dump it anywhere since the constituents are recyclable and biodegradable as well. So, aside from serving you for years, the Natural Keyboard will make you less guilty of discarding your loving computer peripheral.

What if our technology lived and breathed?

Well, the above statement by the designer sheds enough light on the inspiration part of the moss-clad keyboard. Tilton utilized an old Apple wireless keyboard to create his own eco friendly version. He stripped open a discarded keyboard and refitted all original electronic components into his wooden case. Later, but not before he had re-soldered electronic components back into a usable circuit, he placed moss on the frame. Amazing design, and yes, it will help users to cut down on their footprint as well; what do you say?

Via: Treehugger

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