Seven green fashion brands to sustain the environment in style

It’s time every individual sat up and started doing his/her bit to save the environment that is degrading faster every day. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stick to the same old routines of recycling waste materials and not using plastic bags etc. There are other ways you can show your support to Mother Nature! In addition, here’s one of them. Given below are seven of the most eco-friendly clothing brands you can come across. These companies make sure the clothes they sell are comfortable for the wearer as well the environment around him/her.


American Apparel:

American Apparel sells cotton clothes that are purely organic (even the colors and designs on them). The label specializes in T-shirts, dresses and underwear for adults as well as kids (including infants). The clothes sold by American Apparel are sewn at Los Angeles itself, thus reducing the need for overseas shipping that usually adds to the carbon footprint. The clothes are dyed using organic inks (water based) and are very comfortable. Better yet, they don’t cost too much.

REUSE Denim:

Made in China, REUSE Denim sells recycled jeans that are made from the waste collected in the denim factories. The clothes contain almost 80% of recycled material and are considered extremely comfortable and inexpensive. You can get a pair of REUSE Denim jeans for just about $90. Better yet, you get to contribute to cleaning the textile industry landfills in China (at least a part).


Venley produces its clothes in LA itself which reduces a major portion of the carbon footprint that accompanies packaged goods. The clothes are made using a technique called ‘Vertically Integrated Manufacturing’ which accounts for the low cost of the end products. Venley also dyes its clothes with water based inks that make these products more sustainable and eco-friendly.


PERI makes most of its clothes in a specialized dye house that is completely solar powered. The company uses only organic materials for its clothing line (including reclaimed silk and cotton). PERI is also famous for selling clothes made of a fabric called Tencel which is supposedly softer and smoother than cotton. The fabric is sustainable and is made from cellulose fibers found in eco-friendly tree farms.



A lot of us complain about uncomfortable underwear which either doesn’t fit right or is made up of materials that cause excessive sweating in the private areas (an embarrassing problem which could lead to a series of bacterial infections in those areas). Clublife specializes in eco-friendly underwear that is made of a material called modal which is softer, airier and more comfortable than even cotton underwear. Modal is also known to retain its shape and so can withstand a whole lot of stretching and pulling. This attribute of the underwear also helps prevent the formation of panty lines which are quite common with underwear made of synthetic materials. Clublife doesn’t stick just to the basics and offers plenty of varieties to keep customers interested in its brand. You can opt for normal underwear, thongs, short panties, bikinis, camisoles, bandeaus and even yoga pants.

Keep Shoes:

Moving onto to footwear, most of us opt for leather products without realizing the consequences of our choices on some poor animal out there. Keep Shoes are sustainable and exceptionally eco-friendly. The brand manufactures its footwear using organic, vegan materials (no cruelty at all). Don’t be worried about the comfort factor. The shoes produced by Keep Shoes are as comfortable as any other shoe made from synthetic materials. Added to this is the low cost of these shoes that don’t burn a hole through your pocket.


Olsenhaus also promotes the manufacture of cruelty free products, and makes sure it sticks to its words by manufacturing shoes from organic cotton, cork and believe it or not, polyester microfiber obtained from recycled television screens. Extremely fashionable and yet vegan (an unusual combination), the shoes manufactured by Olsenhaus are chic, fashionable, sustainable and inexpensive; factors which probably explain the brand’s rising popularity among women.

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