Power Flower aims to correct superfluous energy consumption

Blame it on our inconsiderate attitude towards energy conservation, our inability to limit our power usage or the unfortunate lack of gadgets that could notify us of our reckless habits, we often fail to realize how energy resources are fast dwindling and so, we need to mend our ways. Fret no more since two university students have come up with a novel, flower-shaped smart energy meter that helps homeowners visualize their power usage and thus, urges them to find appropriate ways to fix it.

Dubbed as Power Flower, the energy meter prototype can be attached to any household energy meter. When connected wirelessly, it shows energy usage in its phototropic movements. Designed by University College, Falmouth, students, the visual energy meter despises superfluous energy consumption. So, when it senses such excessive consumption, the lamp loses its radiance and the petals droop down. On the contrary, low energy usage translates into a bright light, supported by upright position of the petals.

With its motto to help people visualize their power consumption, experience its effect and finally, change their energy consumption habits, the Power Flower is in itself a bold statement that supports Conscious Consumption Theory.

Via: Inhabitat

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