Repurposing glass bottles into chic outdoor lighting

If you are like many others who do not like throwing away glass bottles but to keep collecting them, this article is going to help you a lot. You keep collecting glass bottles in a hope that soon you will put them to some or the other use but all in vain. This is probably because you are ignorant of a very interesting and a stylish way you can repurpose glass bottles in your home.

Citronella Torches

Citronella Torches

Although transparent glass bottles are also good for this project but if you happen to have a collection of colored glass bottles, they will help add a greater visual appeal to your home’s outer décor. Any glass bottle, be it a wine bottle, soda bottle, or a beer bottle will work, as the only condition is a small opening that is there in all these bottles. It is a super easy and an interesting project to make that can help you have a beautiful outdoor lighting almost at no cost, and it helps adding to the eco-friendly quotient of your home.

To start with, you need to wash the glass bottle pretty well inside out. To take out any sticker or label, put the bottle for half a minute in hot water and then try to peel it off, it will come off easily. Dry the bottle thoroughly after washing. Now put some hot glue on the opening and stick a washer to it, do this step quickly or else the glue will dry up. Now is the time you put the citronella torch fuel into the bottle.

Take a long wick, as long as the bottle is and put a copper coupling at one end of the wick. While putting the wick into the bottle, ensure it goes in smooth and the coupling comes at the top or at the mouth of the bottle. You can light it and illuminate your beautiful outdoor setting, place them besides a swimming pool or hang them in your patio they will look gorgeous.

Amps up beauty and sustain the environment

sustain the environment

Projects like these serve two important purposes altogether. First, they add or enhance the beauty of your outdoor space; second, they enable you to do your own bit to sustain the environment. With these interesting projects, you happen to put glass bottles to use, which otherwise would have gone in the trash and would end up adding to the landfill sites.

Here is one more eco-friendly project you can try:

DIY Wine Bottle Hurricane Lamps

DIY Wine Bottle Hurricane Lamps

You get hurricane lamps at a big price from market, and if you try out making one on your own, you will be able to have inexpensive and a number of hurricane lamps. You need a glasscutter with which you can cut the bottle glass with ease. If you are not too sure about cutting a bottle effortlessly, you should try it on a number of bottles first before making a final cut. After cutting, you should place it in cool water that will make the cut widen, and you get a clean edge.

If you find the cut edges to be sharp, you can rub the edges on sandpaper until you get a smooth surface. Place a tea light in the middle and put the cut bottle part over it. Hurricane lamps are ideal for outdoor setting wherein you cannot keep the candles and tea lights burning owing to the cool breeze outside. They enable you to set romantic setting with tea lights and candles burning in hurricane lamps, standing strong against breeze outside.


Glass bottles ending up as landfill sites are a very dangerous phenomena. Using them to create stylish and sexy outdoor lamps is a superb way to sustain the environment.

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