We bet you didn’t know these things could be recycled

Many people claim they are eco-conscious and they believe in the motto – reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, there are many who do not know what all items they can give up for recycle, except for a few famous ones. Here we have brought such a list of item that you did not know you could recycle:


smart carpet

New carpets come in and the old one most probably find their way into the trash. You should look for a better alternative than throwing old carpets in the trash because there are some companies worldwide that accept old carpets for recycle. Many manufacturing companies take back their old sold carpets and recycle them.


Hanging  bike in garage

People usually dump their old bicycles in the trash without even thinking once or probably they do not know about any alternative that could help them send their old bicycle to a better place. You can donate your bicycle to certain institutions that collect old bicycles, transform them and further distribute them amongst low-income groups.


Housewife choosing underwear

What do you do with bras that do not fit you well any longer? Throw them in the trash, or put them somewhere in the back of your closet. Well, what if you get to know that there is a much better alternative for your old bras that will not only you have a clear space in your closet but they can be of use for the less privileged. Reach out to some bra recycling association, which recycle the, or distribute the ones in good condition to the women of under developed countries.



Crocs are durable enough, so you have your good time wearing them and then you get bored of them. They are still in a good condition but you are not willing to continue wearing them, so either you throw them in the dustbin or you store them somewhere in the back of your closet. There is no need to do any of these two things because the Croc Company has its “re-use” program that has sworn to help needy people in impoverished countries. They accept your used Crocs, and after cleaning them sends then to such people.



Many of you out there must have this habit of buying new eyeglasses and keep on stacking the old ones unnecessarily. Then one fine day when you feel you have collected a lot many of them, you decide to throw them in the trash and contributing to the landfill sites. Instead of following this harmful pattern if you start donating you used eyeglasses to a lens dealer or any other institution you know that works in this direction, you can help sustain environment and help some needy person to use eyeglasses that were laying waste in your drawer.


The bride holding a garter.

You can easily get an idea regarding the number of pantyhose and tights women all across the world toss every year, as it will be more or less similar to the number that you discard on a yearly basis. Made of materials like nylon and spandex, these discarded items easily can take 30 to 40 years for decomposing, and until then they are eyesores you will see in several landfill sites. You should give them up for recycling, wherein they are converted into playground equipments, toys, park benches and a variety of other products.

Holiday Lights

Wedding Reception Dance Floor

You use them to decorate Christmas tree, your patio and for a number of other decorations. After using them for some time, you get bored of them that make you discard them, or owing to a minor fault, you toss them in the trash. Please do not do this, rather send them for recycling and do your bit to prevent them from ending up in landfill sites.


Gone are the days when only plastic bottles and paper used to be the only things you could recycle. Today, you name it and it will most likely be capable of recycling.

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