Energy storage heating kneepad provides therapeutic goodness for aching muscles

Designer Yijin Chou has come up with anew and an effective solution to cure soreness in the leg muscles.The Energy Storage Heating Kneepadbrings into use the heat energy produced to cure the muscle tension.

Stores induction generated energy during exercise

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While you exercise, you produce kinetic energy. The Energy Storage Heating Kneepad is designed to harness that energy and later use it to soothe your aching muscles.You run, you jog, or you do simple physical movements. Every physical movement generates kinetic power. The kneecap is designed to store the kinetic energy, convert it into heat energy and then use it for comforting the muscle pain.The kneecap brings into use the principles of electro-thermal isolation and makes use of functional textiles to serves the purpose it is designed to serve.

The mechanism

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The kneepad is equipped with a small electricity generator inside, which consists of a coil and magnets.The kneepad stores the induction-generated energy you produce during your exercise, converts it into heat energy and uses it to relieve your muscle tension and soreness. The electro thermal yarn heats up and it provides required heat to your muscles.

On the outer side of the kneepad, you will see a light. When you see a blue light on it, understand that kneepad is in the energy storage mode. When you see the red light, it indicates that the heat release mode is on.The switch on the kneepad enables you toswitch on the release of electrical energy, so that it relieves you of the pain and soreness in your leg muscle.

Suitable temperature

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50 degree Celcius or lower is the most suitable temperature for this hot compress. You can use the heat energy later as well with the help of a rechargeable lithium battery that saves and stores the heat generate by the coil.The heat from this heat compress penetrates in the depths of the subcutaneous tissues and promotes circulation. The silicon coated cover on the kneepad has a very special purpose to serve, which is to protect the central part of the knee from injuries while exercising. For a better adjustment, the Velcro straps have been added to the design.

The design of the kneepad speaks volumes of what it does for comforting aching muscles. Besides being a hot compress, its special design ensures the knee is not injured or receives any shock while you exercise.

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