Eco-friendly ideas for a lovely birthday bash

Birthday parties bring a lot of excitement and fun. It is a way to make a person feel special and great about them on their special day. When we throw a birthday party, we have to arrange many things, which end up in a lot of waste. While enjoying parties, we sometimes forgets that, we are making our environment dirty.

An eco friendly party is a solution for such problem that can keep our environment and us healthy and clean. Eco friendly parties are unique and easy to arrange, which can surprise the person whom are you throwing party for. If you are facing difficulty in arranging the birthday party for your loved one, then you can try following ideas that will make it an unforgettable party.

Avoid paper invitations

on line invitation of birthday party

It is time for a birthday party and you have to send invites to people. Do not send out invitations for the party on paper. Sending paper invites is an expensive idea, which will also create a lot of waste around. You can simply choose a simple and inexpensive method for sending your invites. Sending online invites, along with online birthday cards by Hallmark, is a better method which is inexpensive and easy. When you are using this method, you are also saving a lot of paper and thus contributing to a healthy environment.

Use green theme for decoration

green theme for decoration

When you are planning for an eco friendly birthday party, it is important that you keep an eye even on little details. You can use plants and leaves to create a green theme for the birthday party. Avoid using balloons, steamers, and plastic trinkets that will create a huge mess after the party is over. An eco friendly option would be plants that will be perfect for green theme and looks good. You can make decorative items using leaves. If you wish to add some banners or posters, you can use recycled paper while coloring it using crayons. Make some recycled paper hat, which you will use later in when the party starts.

Prepare food that goes with green theme

Couple On Vacation

For making it a complete eco friendly birthday party, you must take care of everything including food. It is important to choose healthy food that goes with the theme. Preparing and serving junk food is not good either for people or for your environment. Choose some good and green healthy veggies and fruits that can maintain the good health of the people attending parties. While enjoying parties, people are likely to eat and drink more than they actually do. When you have healthy food in the party, you do not even have to worry about overeating.

Organize green games at the party

mud race 2

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If you want to enjoy a complete eco friendly party, it becomes necessary to add some fun activities and games in the party. A birthday is not complete without games and fun activities. You must have few games that can keep you and other people engaged all the time. For enjoying a green game, you can organize a mud race, which will be a great fun and will cost you nothing. With this game, you will not have any harmful impact on the environment. Alternatively, you can go to the park and play some games there.

Every time we throw one or other party, it creates a lot of mess and waste, which is not good for our environment. It is our duty to save the environment and keep it safe, clean, and healthy.

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