Custom-made NES Electric Guitars produce sustainable tunes

Custom-made NES Electric Guitars produce sustainable tunes

Avid music aficionados would sure be all ears to the NES Guitar. Crafted out of trashed electronic parts and a derelict standard guitar, the crafty musical instrument now plays the sweetest tunes you will love to hear. The ingenious instrument packs in a custom six-string electric guitar, further complemented by a an NES body.

The constituent parts include a reused NES Case, a reused standard guitar neck, Poplar wood body and hard-tail bridge. Moreover, to ensure that music lovers could carry it anywhere they feel like, it comes equipped with adjustable height pickup and strap buttons. An output jack, volume knob and tone adjuster are there to hit just the right chords.

Since each NES Guitar is handmade, customers can choose among a variety of custom designs, which primarily include ones with Rosewood and Maple finished neck. The NES Electric Guitars are priced at $300 a pop; however, you definitely need to wait until they are available for sale.

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