Artist creates amazing cartoon figures from discarded beer cans

Recyclers deserve all the kudos for infusing some sense into the otherwise senseless human practice of discarding useless stuff, once they have had enough of it. Without caring about such waste, we keep piling up the garbage in the landfills. Macaon, a Japan base artist, however, thinks otherwise and finds pleasure in converting discarded things into beautiful works of art. The talented artist recycles waste beer and soda cans to bring classic cartoon characters to life.

The amazing collection includes pop culture characters like Mario, Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Nintendo, Pokemon and Hello Kitty cartoon figures. The Mario figure, which looks like a cute mascot ready to attack, is my personal favorite. Scroll through below images to see cartoon characters in all their glory, advocating the tenets of recycling.

Via: LikeCool

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