Eco Fashion: Colombian designers envision sustainable headgear

Colombian designers envision sustainable headgear 7

Owing to fashion designers who conjure up myriad ways to revivify our apparels and accessories, fashion is evolving and that too, at a rapid pace. As a general practice, designers keep encouraging us to stick to traditional fashion; still, at times, they introduce seemingly weird elements to deliver different connotations to fashion lovers. A Colombian-based team of designers including Ana Rocssán Acevedo Ortega, Daniel Muñoz Nieto, John Montoya Salazar and Daniel Ocampo has visualized – created rather – a slew of headgear that combine fashion with environmental awareness.

Each headgear conceptually represents five environmental practices: reuse, recycling, energy conservation, biodiversity and forests. These headdresses are basically aimed to raise awareness among viewers about the environment and contribute to the ecology of the planet. The headgear involves bountiful use of discarded stuff like keyboards, electronic waste, paper, PET bottles, and plant life.

Have a look at some of headgears, created by designers for their client Maaji:

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