Concept Heat Reflection Canopy by Russ Zoran

When winter sets in, we see people sitting around fireplaces to stay warm and cozy. However, a major chunk of heat generated by ordinary fireplaces, heaters or patio heaters is wasted, owing to dearth of mechanism that could reflect the radiating heat and thus, allow users to check their power consumption as well. Conceived by a UK based industrial designer Russ Zoran, the Heat Reflection Canopy seeks to reduce the amount of heat required to heat up a social area below. The concept canopy works with a conventional patio heater to offer a sustainably warm social area for users.

With his intent to increase the energy efficiency of modern patio heaters and help them save from an outright ban, the designer visualizes a heat reflection canopy that reflects over 90 percent of heat. The concept Heat Reflection Canopy traps the patio heat and reflects the same to allow maximum heat retention. The canopy features overlapping, nature-inspired petal sails for ensuring airflow. Thus, Zoran’s design ensures to save lost warmth, bring down the amount of energy required by a conventional patio heater and finally, decrease the carbon footprint of such heaters. Moreover, it flaunts a neat design as well.

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