Decorative, recycled bike innertube rubber balls

Agreed that we can’t recycle everything superfluous into art; however, avid recyclers – owing to their imagination and a green intent to contribute their share for the betterment of the planet – think out of the box and accordingly, come up with unique works of art to amaze and inspire all. Therefore, they deserve all kudos for conceiving ways to allow trash with some respectability. The decorative innertube rubber balls available on Etsy is one such attempt to keep discarded bike tire tubes out of landfill.

Utilizing black, recycled bicycle innertubes, the manufacturer intersperses some subtle signs of these trashed bike parts’ past glory into his creations. The signs include slightly raised numbers on the rubber or white manufacturers’ marks. With their diameters varying from 2 inches (5 cm), 1.5 inches (4 cm), to one inch (2.5 cm), the markedly asymmetrical, spherical balls are perfect for any side table you’ve at your dwelling.

Reasonable priced at $23.00, the Recycled Bike Innertube Rubber Balls would sure add a green accent to your home décor.

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