Landfill Harmonic teaser demoes Paraguayan musicians’ eco initiative

Paraguay-based Favio Chávez, along with a spirited bunch of young musicians from a remote village in Paraguay, has been transforming discarded stuff into musical instruments for years. Thanks to his green initiative, his orchestra team, now called The Recycled Orchestra, not only perceives music in trash but also elevate stuff like dirty oilcans, jars, wood forks and other junk into amazing musical instruments.

Soon, you would see a feature-length documentary dubbed Landfill Harmonic about the remarkable, 30-member strong orchestra. The film shows how the young musicians, i.e. the kids of Cateura, create soothing music from recycled stuff. Favio uses his basic carpentry skills to fashion steel barrel cellos, garbage box violins, guitars and other musical instruments. The kids’ orchestra, with its plans to play a show at the Musical Instrument in Phoenix, Arizona, has donated some instruments to the museum.

When environs inspire you to go creative, when creativity wants a humble outlet, when humble foundations implore discarded stuff lying around, and when one seeks to instill some respectability to superfluous objects, we hope to see something unique on the horizon that deserves our appreciation and support for sure. What do you say?

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