11 – Tips to throw an eco-friendly birthday party

Arranging a birthday party can be a tedious task. You need to invite, arrange, and handle things to throw a birthday party successful.

If you are planning a birthday party for your spouse, kid or friend or any loved one, then opt for an eco-friendly birthday party. The idea of organizing a green birthday celebration is new and fresh. You are not only giving surprise to your guest but also you are taking a positive step towards a better future.

The following are the points on eco-friendly birthday party:

1.     Invitation

We generally go for a paper invitation for any birthday party. But it is the time that you think about the environment, so go paperless. Yes, choose an online invitation for all your friends, family and close ones. Collect the email addresses of all the people and send them E-invite.  It saves your time as well you can contribute to Mother Nature. Paperless invitation maximizes your invitation reach. If you are organizing kid’s birthday, then involve your kid in writing the content of the birthday invitation. It will engage your kid, and he or she will understand the value of the environment.

2.     Tableware and Dishes

Using of paper cups, plates, fork, spoon, tissue napkin do no good to our environment. For an eco-friendly birthday party, you can opt for real plates, glasses, cloth napkins. It gives a real feel of guests coming over and you being the best host of the party. Buy good quality cutleries and dinner sets from the garage sale. It will save a lot of money. After a party, do the dishes on your own. It is one of the best ideas for adults.

3.     Return Gift

Stop filling a plastic bag with candies and toys as a return gift. Want to make the birthday party memorable? Then wrap some handmade craft or customized pillowcase. The return gift will stay for a lifetime. Use some reusable bag and fill it with customize return gifts and tie it with a reusable ribbon in a bow style. It is a unique way to show gratitude to your guests in an eco-friendly birthday party.

4.     Food

Instead of packaged food, opt for some fresh food. It will reduce your unnecessary resource for transport. As per the location of the birthday party, you can pick some fresh fruits and vegetables. Sustainable packaging is another option that will not let you down, and you can think for a better environment.  Also, bake some fresh cake on the birthday rather than buying from any random bakery. It will control your waste products, and you will contribute some goodness to the environment.

5.     Decoration

While planning for decoration, opt for natural things. Most people choose plastic flowers, leaves, and other items to decorate. But it is not a good option. All you need is to select some beautiful, fresh flowers for decoration. Be creative and understand the flower art to make the decoration attractive, eye-catchy and environment-friendly. The decoration depends on your budget. Do not waste too much money on decoration because the next day it will not have any value. So, be wise in your planning for birthday decoration.

6.     Drinks

Avoid packaged drinks or juice boxes because they create a lot of waste. Hence, fill a water pitcher with enough water for your guests. Use some creativity and let your guests drink from that pitcher without doing any harm to the society. Sustainable packaging of water bottles adds a value towards a green environment. Use your creative brain and research well to find the best solution.

7.     Wrapping Papers

Avoid fancy wrapping papers to wrap the gifts if you want to contribute to green celebration. Instead, you can choose paper bags to insert the gift and hand over to birthday boy or girl. Or else, you can show some creative art on the brown paper and wrap the gift with that. It will encourage the person to keep the paper or frame it as a token of love. You can also choose fabric piece to wrap the gift. It is unique, stylish and creative.    

8.     Games

Organize cool birthday games for kids where there is a use of fewer papers and other materials. Organize games like dumb charades, the musical chair where the involvement of supply is less.

9.     Gifts

Sometimes the guests bring gifts that are itself a waste for the environment. To avoid such a situation, ask your guests to donate or do some charity in the name of the birthday boy or girl. It is one of the great ideas for adults. It is a sensible idea that one can follow and enjoy the birthday to the fullest.

10.    No more Balloons

The balloon is made of latex and is dangerous for our environment. After the party, these balloons might strangle birds or destroy marine life. It is not a good option for an eco-friendly birthday party. It is advisable that you should use balloons. Kids love it, but as parents, it is your responsibility to make them understand the bad effect of it. Choose some alternative to make the birthday party colorful.

11.    Go for Natural Theme

Make the birthday party of your kid special with a natural theme party. It does not require much effort like superheroes or princess theme. You can choose your backyard, lawn or garden to organize the party. Choose some beautiful colors to decorate the space in the mid of Nature and let the kid enjoy the open space for the celebration.

Final Words

To organize an eco-friendly birthday party, all the above-mentioned green friendly birthday tips are helpful. So, next time you celebrate your birthday do not forget to go green. You cannot enjoy alone and harm the environment recklessly. If you are stuck with no idea, then hire a party planner and ask the expert to organize a green birthday party for you and your guests.

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