13 – Sustainable and smart eco-friendly handbags

From makeup to skincare, from clothes to house roofs, everybody is going crazy with cruelty free products. In the age of technology, we are blessed with so many good things around us. But these good things also come with a price. It takes away the natural resource from us. To bring a little addition, nowadays girls are too much into eco-friendly handbags.

Girls and handbags are inseparable because they almost carry a small world in their handbags. With the growing demand of environment-friendly concept, various brands are making handbags that are good for the environment.

Here is the list of brands of eco-friendly handbags:

1.   Elvis and Kresse

It is an English brand who use raw materials and transform them into the accessories to match the luxury lifestyle. The brand is in operation since 2005. All the items are ethically sourced handmade materials. The artisans take a lot of care while designing the luxury accessories. Well, the brand contributes 50% of the profits to the charity.

2.   Deux Mains

It is a Haitian based fashion company produce long-lasting and high-quality products. The company offers employment and empowerment to Haitian Communities. They use upcycle tires as long-lasting material to make fashionable and trendy handbags.The eco-friendly handbags are comfortable and did not produce any toxins while using the handbags. They are available in various colors, which keeps you trendy and stylish.

3.   Chic Made Consciously

The eco-friendly handbags are edgy, and they are made from recycled tyres, and other sustainable materials. They also use reused advertising banners to make handbags. They do not use any animal products and design vegan leather for customers. The brand collaborates with local artisans to make each handcrafted item.

4.   Gunas

It is PETA approved brand, and they manufacture 100% vegan products. They do not use PVC in the bags. They use more upcycle fabrics. Also, one can use the Livia shoulder bag as a double backpack. They are light-weight, easy to carry and one can use the bags for a long-term purpose.

5.   The Social Outfit

It is a brand from Sydney, which provides training and employment in the industry of fashion. The brand use waste fabrics recycle products to make various designs. No two purses are same, and the purses are made of donated fabric.

6.   Stella McCartney

It is a luxury label, and it is slightly expensive. It is a responsible business with a modern approach. The brand does not use any leather, angora, and fur. It sets good environmental standards. The tote bag is perfect for a weekend gateway or an overnight stay. The bag is made from recycled nylon, which is good for the environment.

7.   Matt & Nat

The brand is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable products. They design vegan leather with only vegan raw materials. They use rubber and recycle bicycle tire to design the handbags. Also, they use recycled plastic bottles to manufacture handbags. They design over 20 handbags categories for both men and women. These handbags are available in various colors and options with latest designs.

8.   Everlane

They believe in transparency in all their products. They want to keep clean so that everyone knows how much the product cost, and where they are made. They have a section called “pay what you want” where one can donate to local non-profit organizations. They have products both for men and women. The price range of each product is suitable for every customer.

9.   Nisolo

The brand focuses on fair wage system, access to the international market, safe work ambiance and coordination among teams. All the members work together to bring out the best timeless piece for your closet. They craft women’s cruelty free leather tote in Peru. The totes are sturdy and stylish. The handbags have the intricate design of Peruvian fabrics, which stand out among the crowd.

10.   HFS Collective

The belt bags are versatile, unique and useful for women on the go. You can wear them around your waist or also take them as a crossbody. You can wear them with denim, shirts, and even dresses for that comfortable look. These bags are made of low impact, deadstock and recycle materials. All ethically sourced products are fantastic to use. The vegan leather Pinatex bag comes with a fantastic finish. 2% of the sale price goes to a non-profit organization as a donation, which protects our planet and empowers women.

11.   Cuyana

“Fewer, better” is the mantra of Cuyana. The style is important for them than fashion. It reflects in their gorgeous handbags. They design leather bags for modern women, and they are in a neutral, soft color. These handbags have enough space inside. They also focus on the lean closet. If you place an order, then they will provide you reusable bag with your order. In this bag, you can fill the clothes that you do not wear and donate to the needy people. It is a sustainable and good purpose for our society.

12.   Raven & Lily

The brand empowers marginalized women from all around the globe. They provide all types of sustainable opportunities to break the poverty cycle. They design handbags for women from locally sourced leather and organic cotton. Till date, they offer employment opportunity to 1500 women. All the products have information on who made the design, where it is made and what you can hold in the handbag. The designs are exquisite and are available in lovely colors.

13.   Baggu

The design is based on a plastic grocery bag, and it reduces the use of plastics soon. The main concept is that one can use reusable grocery bags. The bag is made from one continuous piece of fabric. To make handy pouches, they use waste materials also.

Final Words

These eco-friendly handbags are very cool to use, and they are environment-friendly. When you are using this handbag, you contribute a little percentage to the environment.

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