8 – Green Business grants every eco-entrepreneur should know

It is an open secret that the world today is not in a good shape. There is widespread environmental damage and every day millions of dollars are spent trying to meet the energy demands. This again has a harmful effect on the environment and it just becomes a vicious cycle. So with time it is becoming increasingly important to come up with initiatives and business ideas that are eco friendly. In the world of start-ups and entrepreneurs we have a strong need for eco entrepreneurs. But just as in any other business there is an obvious requirement of funds and this has to be met by some sort of green business grant. There are plenty such funds in the markets and this article is all about informing you regarding the same.

Important grants for the eco entrepreneur

  1. The US Environmental Protection Agency Grant: The small businesses that go for the concept of ‘go green’ are funded by this agency and the funding comes in very handy. To receive such grants you need to submit your ideas and if approved you would be getting a funding worth $70000 in the first phase for six months for the purpose of research. In the next stage one is eligible for a funding up to $225000. The criteria to be fulfilled are that the company has to be based in the US with less than 500 employees and the idea has to be based on science and technology. This sustainability fund has successfully powered a number of such businesses and there is no reason why yours can’t be the next.

  2. The US Department of Energy Grant: The scarcity of energy is more and more glaring with each passing day and this grant seeks to address that problem. It funds the eco entrepreneur who seeks to work in the fields of energy alternatives or energy production or management issues. Even those working in projects looking for nuclear non proliferation are eligible for this grant which again is issued in two stages. While in the first stage the holder would receive an amount of $100000 for a time period of nine months in the next stage the same amount would be given for two years.

  3. The US Department of Agriculture issuing grants: This is a crucial government subsidy in the field of agriculture that you can avail of. These grants come in extremely handy for the eco entrepreneur starting out and he can get this in two stages. In the first stage the grant is restricted to $80000 but if there is sufficient scope in the project the next stage funding can go up to even $350000. Eco friendly agriculture is the need of the hour and if you have such ideas this funding is here to help you set up your idea into reality.

  4. The Local Grants and the State grants: On a local level too there are several grants that are made available for the beginners. The State grants for instance are awarded by the State governments and the details of this grant varies from state to state. You can however find out in more detail about it in the State government websites or other business portals. These are funds which are relatively easier to get although they may be lesser in amounts. This could be the ideal way to start off.

  5. The Community Conservation Enterprises: If you happen to own or start off an eco friendly business in Mexico or Central America this fund can be a valuable ally in your business. The community conservation enterprise offers small funding options ranging from $500-$2000. They give out their funds based on the efforts undertaken by the business for the betterment of the lives of the local people. This can be done by the optimum utilization of the natural resources or by the production of something that protects the environment. If these conditions are fulfilled you would an eco entrepreneur with a grant from this organization.

  6. CBS: This is one of the better sources of funding that is available for the ones who are just starting off with their new ideas. CBS happens to be one of the American media giants. For a green business initiative they have a decent funding enough to set the wheels in motion.

  7. Retensa: It is not the easiest of tasks to get a green business grant and Retensa does just that and is a great option to try out. Although a company in general it does have some reliable funding programs for the initiatives that involve green business models.

  8. The Kresge Foundation funding: When it comes to funding an eco entrepreneur, this organization has been of significant help for many businesses. Their main aim is to allocate grants for work in the fields of art, education, health, culture and environment. Currently the studies are concerned with how the most vulnerable people on this Earth are getting the most affected by the incidents of climate change. With such wide range of scope and research it is regarded as a very popular option to seek funding from.

  9. The grant by Department of Health and Human service: With worsening environment comes the situation of numerous health hazards. One major aspect of an eco entrepreneur is thus to develop some effective biomedical technologies and also some solutions. If this happens to be your field of interest this grant may prove to be very useful for you and can help you start off your business. The contribution from you can later save humanity and for this at a temporary level the funding would not stop with such effective grants.

Final words

If you happen to launch an eco friendly business these sources will ensure that your business is adequately funded by a sustainability fund or a government subsidy. Powered by the funds go about in your efforts of trying to decrease the carbon footprints and in your efforts of trying to make the world a better place to live in. May your efforts be successful.

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