Checkout These Wacky, But Eco-Friendly Gadgets

Coffin coffee table

Everyone wants to go the eco-friendly way. Even when it comes to gadgets and technology preference is given those tools and devices which will not have adverse effects on nature. This has led to some of the weirdest inventions. Here are few examples of bizarre eco gadgets.

Eco-friendly explosives

eco-friendly-explosives Eco-Friendly Gadget

We all know that explosives that are used by the armed forces or those that are used for industrial applications are a cause of environmental pollution. To combat these problems scientists in Germany have come up with innovative solutions in the form of eco-friendly explosives. They have made use of materials called tetrazoles. Tetrazoles get their energy from nitrogen. German scientists have invented two new bombs. These are HBT and G2ZT. As compared to the usual explosives these bombs emit fewer toxic byproducts and they are less likely to explode accidentally.

Go green with these speakers with built in planters

go-green-with-these-speakers Eco-Friendly Gadget

This is a completely new concept in home audio equipment which has been invented by electronics manufacturer JVC. Eco plastic has been used to make the speakers. The company has not explained the meaning of eco plastic.Little planters are built in these speakers. These planters are basically to give that green organic look to your home décor. The manufacturers claim that these speakers have good sound quality. This speaker series is known as “Kirikabu”

Grass furniture for your garden

purves-purves Eco-Friendly Gadget

For all those people who want the furniture in their garden also to be made upof grass then this armchair created by London-based company “Purves &Purves” is just for you. The pack consists of 14 pieces of DIY armchair frame. The frame is made upof cardboard. They also provide a packet of grass seeds. All one has to do is assemble the 14 pieces in your garden. Fill the chair with soli and sprinkle the grass seeds in the soil. The grass will cover the cardboard pieces. The only problem that one might face is mowing the grass.

Coffin coffee table

coffin-coffee-table Eco-Friendly Gadget

We need a coffee table everyday and all of us will need a coffin someday. So Halfway House Design has come up with a furniture piece which has dual use. It may sound eerie but it is true! They have made a coffee table cum coffin. This unique piece of furniture is made from biodegradable material. You can use it to store stuff like wine and books and someday you can have your final journey in this coffee table cum coffin. Since the table is made from eco-friendly material it does not have any adverse effects on the environment.

Clock with the power of lemon

lemon-powered-clock Eco-Friendly Gadget

This is a lemon-powered clock. The citric acid in the lemon and the copper and zinc in the clock combine to produce current. The clock can use the current for a week. One annoying thing about this clock is that you need to reset the time whenever you change the lemons. Besides you need to use a large number of lemons and in a way it is wasting them when you can actually make use solar powered and wind-powered clocks.

Flare storm radio that works on motion power

pg 4 - light Eco-Friendly Gadget

You can make this radio work on motion power. You need to move the radio like a toy car in order to charge it. Therefore, charging can be a tedious thing in the case of this radio, but surely a unique way of using motion power.

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