Epaulette shark that walks on its fins!

epaulette shark

Picture: Released by Conservation International, this epaulette shark (Hemiscyillum freycineti), one of over fifty likely new species discovered during the recent CI-led surveys in the waters off Indonesia’s Papua province, rests on the sea bottom. (AP Photo/Conservation International, Gerry Allen, HO)

This is neither just a sea-fish nor a completely out-of-the-world animal resting on the sea floor. It is a shark that can walk on its fins! Among the dozens of new species found off Indonesia’s Papua province, this amazing ad bizarre shark is one.

After this rich discovery of the undersea fauna, the area — known as Bird’s Head Seascape – has been considered as one of the most stunningly beautiful landscapes and seascapes on the planet.

This epaulette shark that walks on its fins and a praying mantis-like shrimp are among the most amazing and amusing species found in the scores of reef-building corals.

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