Urban Hay Bale concept seating made of recycled drinking straws

At the Red Dot Design Awards, international designers put forward their designs to assess their practical implications. While most of these designs focus on the usability aspect, some concepts, however, call our attention to their sustainable side. Accordingly, you see some absolute green products lined up to catch the attention of green-conscious folks. The Urban Hay Bale is one such seating concept that’s made from discarded drinking straws. Promoting straw recycling, the playful cube also throws enough light on our wasteful consumption of drinking straws.

Designed by Jin SeoYeon and Henry H. Choi, the Urban Hay Bale is a thoughtful attempt at recycling drinking straws, which are seldom recycled otherwise. It’s a cubical container (bin) with heated iron panels inside, which, aside from collecting straws, melts it down into a tough substance. This hardened stuff is converted into cubicle surface which can be used as seating. A good enough product for both indoor and outdoor use, the Urban Hay Bale aims to enlighten people about adopting sustainable practices and recycling as well.

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