Steampunkjunq: Jewelry pieces created from repurposed, vintage watch parts

We often see artists deriving inspiration from the Steampunk era for adding a retro feel to modern stuff. While Victorian-themed gizmos and apparels are the most common things you see around you, Steampunkjunq, over at Etsy, rely on the same theme to offer repurposed, vintage jewelry pieces for eco-conscious modern geeks.

Created with recycled vintage watch parts and found objects, the one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry pieces include Steampunk bracelets, Steampunk earrings, Steampunk rings and Steampunk pendants. Steampunk bracelets have been further adorned with diamond glaze over silver watchcases. Equally stunning is the perfectly adjustable Steampunk ring, which also incorporates a vintage silver watchcase.

The steampunk earrings are created using vintage identical watch faces, vintage gears and Swarovski crystal. You will surely like the Steampunk pendant, which incorporates a perfectly vintage pocket watch plate, further adorned with a vintage blue sapphire watch crown. Each jewelry piece is a unique, beautiful, upcycled piece of wearable art.

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