Team Table: The Squig – Sustainable cardboard table

Cardboard isn’t just for packaging; rather, when transformed into myriad shapes and magnified further to answer diverse requirements, its usability can be increased manifold. American eco designer Patricia Dranoff suggests one such practical use of otherwise discarded cardboard as she comes up with Team Table: The Squig. The concept table was conceived as a part of a design project.

With her aim to recycle waste cardboard and enhance its durability, the designer rejuvenated the often-neglected packaging material by morphing it into an amazing table. Each of the individually designed pieces, when connected seamlessly through double finger joints, creates a well-crafted table with its dimensions reading 42” x42” x 18”. Quite obviously, the end product, i.e. The Squig Team Table flaunts a level tabletop surface.

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