Mason Jar Wind Chime Solar Light for a green Christmas décor

With spare cash remaining scarce and eco shoppers willing to spend less, the charm of revivifying the Christmas décor, however, has not lessened. Attributable to our green urge to sustain the same vigor within our limited means, shoppers are seeking inexpensive yet eco friendly gifts this Christmas season. The Mason Jar Wind Chime Solar Light is one such handmade, outdoor garden decoration item that promises to be sustainable yet easy on the pocket for most of us. Available on Etsy, the solar light combines mason jars, solar lighting and wind chimes to create a perfect hanging garden décor.

The Mason Jar Wind Chime Solar Light harnesses solar energy during daytime and radiates a soothing, vibrant glow when it’s dark outside. Moreover, users may twist off the solar lid and place a candle inside it for yet another lighting option. Made from equal length, re-purposed metal chimes, the durable chimes produce a gentle sound when the wind catches them.

Fully automatic LED solar light comes on at night and goes off when solar charge falls down. Furthermore, the solar light is rain tolerant so you can leave it outside without worrying about its safety. It relies on replaceable, rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries to store renewable solar charge.

Priced at $50, the Mason Jar Wind Chime Solar Light deserves your attention for sure.

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