TCC: Sustainable dishwashing system by Marcela Marchesi

TCC Sustainable dishwashing system by Marcela Marchesi

Conceived by Brazilian industrial designer Marcela Marchesi, TCC is a sustainable dishwashing system for people from under-served communities who do not have kitchens in their homes. The TCC offers itself as a modular system — a mix between dishwasher, physical exercise machine and a vertical garden that promotes coexistence with nature.

A pedal-powered rotary hauling system allows users to leave the basic concept of dishwashing, which requires them to stand at the sink making the cleaning job. What the user needs to do is fit the tub in place, fill it with water and allow the dishwashing module do the entire dishwashing for them. In the meanwhile, users may use exercise bike; and during the ride, they can catch up with friends and neighbors while reading a book or magazine while pedaling.

Plants surround the pillars of the module, thus inspiring users to grow vertical garden for producing free organic food. Each module will serve 20 families of four people each. The concept dishwasher uses 6 liters of water per wash cycle; two cycles (one for washing and rinsing the other) are sufficient for complete flushing.

Further, the system comes equipped with a solar water heater to facilitate cleaning of dishes, removing the dirt and grease from the dishware using only a minimal amount of ecological soap that can be produced at low cost at home. Dishwashing waste is collected in a box located under the floor of the module. There the water is separated and the oil is sent to a water box located alongside. The water box helps sustain aquatic plants. Now, the water goes into another tank, where it can be used for watering the vertical garden. However, for doing so, users need to pedal the system which allows the dynamo to charge the battery and pump the water to a reservoir. When this fills up the reservoir and its water is not being used in the garden, the water is sent to the sewer system.

Created from composite metal and plastic wood, the fully recyclable module is designed to have a long shelf life.

[Cheers, Marcela Marchesi]

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