Stop being wasteful when decluttering your home


37% of the food produced globally is wasted every year. That is billions worth of food being wasted every day, but the wastage is not only limited to food. We are also wasteful in consuming non-essential goods. This ranges from electronics to gadgets and metals to furniture. In U.S only, over 1.2 trillion worth of goods is wasted every year.

It is true that we live in a consumerist economy where purchasing things contributes significantly to economy’s growth but it is important to realize that we have been engaged into a cycle of wastefulness.

It is pretty convenient and easy to throw all the clutter into a trash bag very quickly and easily without even thinking about the negative impacts it has been imposing. There are many to declutter without being wasteful Besides landfill, you can see more ways to dispose of your waste responsibly:

Utilize eco-friendly dumpsters

eco dumpsterThere is a wide variety of eco-friendly dumpster services that undertakes the responsibility of decluttering the home without being wasteful. But what is so eco-friendly about them? The amazing thing is they scavenge the dumpsters and donate; and, recycle the stuff what would have usually gone to landfill.

Sell things

Selling things is surely a painful task at times but it is one of the ways in which your house can be decluttered effectively. It is pretty easy to sell things in this day and age. We have a number of online options available where things that are not in use can be sold.

Give it to your acquaintances


This is a simple way to get rid of the clutter without even feeling the guilt. There are many things like clothes, books and gadgets that can be used by our next generations. Even though we live in a consumerist era, it is important to curb wastefulness. Consider giving your items to friends and family

Donate to charity shops

This is one of the best ways to get rid of the clutter with benefiting other people as well. Donate the stuff that is not in use to either charity shops or thrift stores. However, there is not a guarantee whether they will be wanting all the stuff that you want to donate. Things must be in salable condition as well.

Repurpose things

use internet

This is a pretty creative way to utilize clutter to produce new stuff. Each and every house has some things that are not in use. You can consider some ideas on the Internet to reproduce new things that would otherwise be headed to the thrash.


It is important for people to realize the harms and dangers associated with being wasteful. An eco-friendly dumping is the key to green environment. Everyone must promote eco-friendliness by all means they have.

Above were some ways in which you can get rid of clutter without being wasteful. There is no harm in consuming things but it must be taken into consideration that cluttering them in the wrong manner is harmful for the environment.

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