Know all about the best green jobs in the years to come

Global warming and environmental pollution is a matter of concern. Several countries are taking concrete steps in order to protect Nature from further deterioration. Therefore, lots of emphasis is being given to the introduction of green jobs or jobs that are eco-friendly.

The trend and demand

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Green jobs are jobs that make use of manpower to perform functions that will be eco-friendly. They mainly aim at producing sustainable energy, conservation of natural resources, making the production processes eco-friendlier. Currently, there is lots of scope in industries like bio-energy, solar energy, wind energy, transportation etc. In countries like Australia, there is demand for positions like environmental manager, environmental health officer, environmental service coordinator etc.

As per reports, the entry-level jobs in this field get good pay. However, there is speculation regarding the increase in the number of green jobs. As for the environment that one will get to work will again depend on the profile of the person. Some may be involved in office work while some may be required to spend time on the field.

Why consider a green job? (The ethical way)

All of us have some responsibility towards the environment. We have to understand that it is our duty to clean up the environment. All of us are accountable towards Mother Nature. When you take up a green job you are fulfilling your duty. You can help in cleaning the environment and making it more liveable. Besides this is a new concept and lots of new jobs are being created taking into consideration the current and future requirements.

Best green jobs need your sustainable skills

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There are a number of green jobs which are available these days. But you will need to have the required skill sets for the purpose. Different types of green jobs currently available are:

  • Wind turbine technician This person is required for cleaning, calibrating and repairing wind turbines. Wind turbines are being used on a huge scale as there is a growing demand for generating energy from the wind.
  • Environmental scientists and engineers There is a need to take action on the contamination in the natural resources like water and contamination of soil and air. At the same time, there is also a need to research and develop new products, gadgets and technology which will help in keeping the environment clean and green. Obviously, the requirement for environmental scientist and engineers is also huge.
  • Energy auditor and energy retrofitter One of the most important aspects of an eco-friendly environment is saving energy and natural resources. At the same time, it is important to cut down on the costs. An energy auditor will carry out an audit of the residential and industrial complexes. With their expert knowledge, they will point out the discrepancies and suggest changes which will improve the environmental conditions. Once the auditor is through with his job the energy retrofitter comes into the picture. Based on the suggestions made by the auditor, the retrofitter will carry out the work of upgradation of the infrastructure, installation of energy efficient systems etc.
  • Urban growers The concept of green roofs and urban growers is fast catching up. Green roofs help you get organic food which is grown naturally. This is also a good way of avoiding the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals and of protecting the environment. Green roofs also prevent energy loss from buildings and improve air quality.

Green collar jobs are here to stay. They are the future. The payout is good and they also give you the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment.

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