Simple Yet Effective Tips to Getting Serious About Summer

Getting Serious About Summer

Summer: A time of carefree break, freedom, and entertainment. Sadly, all too many summers are wasted away before you even notice. There’s a stark difference between laziness and leisure. After all, leisure has many health and social benefits. When we say wasting away a Summer, we’re talking about the feeling that you get at the end of summer when you realize you didn’t do anything productive; but, you also didn’t do anything particularly fun. Setting goals along the way can help make sure you don’t look back on this summer with wistful regret. Whether it is relaxation, activities, or something silly, setting some goals for your summer can help you spend it wisely.

 suited to travel

Summer weather is particularly suited to travel and is a great time to see the world. Exploration of other cultures and environments make memories that last a lifetime, and there’s no better and easier time to travel than in today’s interconnected world. Always wanted to spend some more time in the great outdoors but always shy away? Tourism as an activity continues to increase in popularity as it becomes more and more accessible, so leave the iPhone at home, grab yourself a suitable GPS, and go explore. Even if you stay close to home, go camping for a few days and you’ll be amazed how much you didn’t know about your own backyard.

Travel can open up opportunities to see the world through other people’s eyes as your lend them a helping hand. Volunteering abroad with an organization, founded to aid the unfortunates around the globe, enables you to change the world as the world changes you.

learning a new dessert recipe

But as accessible as travel has become, it still requires a significant assurance of time and resource. For a more manageable focus, you can look to your own interests and make goals around them. There is evidence to suggest goal-setting has positive psychological benefits regardless of context; so, why not set manageable milestones centered on activities you were going to spend your time on anyway. It could be as simple as reaching a certain rank in a competitive video game, as easy as learning a new dessert recipe, or as niche as researching the history of Fantasy Football. The point is to add zing to your life so you spend more time doing what you like and less time wallowing in boredom and indecisiveness.

If you are particularly ambitious, internships offer short-term opportunities to paid resumes. Set goals for your time there to get the most out of it. What do you want to learn? How do you want to interact with co-workers? Internships offer an environment where it’s safe to explore different approaches to the workforce. There’s little to lose, so you can take the opportunity to experiment more than you could as a full-time employee. Maybe, try to use your flexibility to find methods to improve the workflow of the company which you can suggest to your supervisors.

seasonal jobs

On a practical note, seasonal jobs can help fund expensive habits or pad saving funds, and are often pleasurable experiences on their own. Summer camps need counselors, pools need lifeguards, and farms need laborers. If you’re able to find something you’re passionate about, even better! Such jobs can get you outside and exercising while you get to appreciate the seasonal sunshine.

Different people have different priorities, desires, and sources of fulfillment. Essentially, find what you desire and make it an intentional part of your life rather than coasting. Don’t let your free time be devoured by Netflix and afternoon naps, unless, of course, you are particularly passionate about it.

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