Simple tips and tricks to reduce your carbon footprint

An eco-friendly person is a little different from the lot. He is more conscious about how his action can lead to a negative impact for complete environment. He is the one who believes that a small effort from his side can bring a big change for the entire mankind. He is the one who feel for his neighbor next door. He is also the one who thinks a lot less about himself and more about the entire community of mankind.

Plant a thought

planting tree

For an eco-friendly person planting trees is as natural as breathing is to you. Planting trees not only cleans the air, but also tempers the temperature of a place. An eco friendly person will always believe that you really don’t have to push a boulder to bring about change. Just small simple things like planting green trees are of great help.

Shut down the computers

Shut down the computers

People these days always feel overworked because of long working hours. So, the quite often feel it pointless to shutdown their computers instead they just put them on sleep mode. An eco friendly person will pledge not to do that because he knows that turning of the computers is a much wiser option as it nearly saves 40 watt-hours per day.

Pre-heat the oven

toaster oven

Pre-heat the oven only when you are planning to bake something or else turn it off. If you are planning to heat a dish the most appropriate thing would be to put the bowl inside the oven and then switch on the oven. It saves a lot of electricity and an eco-friendly person is always careful about it.

Make home improvements eco-friendly

eco-friendly elevator
Home improvements do not need to be harmful to the environment. There are different ways and sustainable options for your home to lessen its carbon footprint. For example, there are eco-friendly elevators that can increase the accessibility of your home but lessen your carbon emission. Residential lift has received attention from homeowners as recent research proved that they can increase home value by 10 percent.

Less use of Paper Napkins

paper napkins

People these days love to have junk food like Burger, Pizzas and Hot Dogs. These junk foods often come with paper napkins, some of which are used and other wasted. An eco-friendly person will try to save those paper napkins then wasting it because he knows a huge number of napkins can be saved from landfills.

Recycle Newspapers


An eco-friendly person is more conscious about their environment. They will try to recycle the newspaper they have already read because they know that it save the lives of millions of trees.

Let’s join hands with one such eco-friendly person and make the world a better place to live in.


Simple ideas can drastically reduce your carbon footprint, without you having to make big efforts.

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