Reducing your automobile based carbon footprint

Car driving is a major contributor in human activities that are leading to climate change. Every time we drive a car, we are contributing to increased carbon footprints in our environment, which in turns pollute the environment thus contributing to global warming.


As we are becoming more aware about the impact of our lifestyle on environment, we tend to find ways to reduce this effect. More we are using these cars and automobiles, more we are contributing in making our planet polluted. With more pollution, we are just raising the level of global warming on the planet.

Looking at the increasing effect of carbon footprint, we have found different ways to reduce its effect. Below are few ways through which we can reduce the effect of car’s carbon footprints and making Earth a better place to live.

Discover substitute for driving


As we know, cars contribute a lot in polluting the environment; we must reduce its use. When going out, just look at the alternatives for driving. If you are not going long way, then you can go by walking. Walking is the best alternatives for driving for smaller distances. In addition, when you are going for a long journey, you can choose means like public transport or carpooling. Choosing these substitutes for driving, you can reduce the level of carbon emitting from cars and thus reducing effect of carbon footprints on the environment.

Improve driving habits

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When you are driving a car, it is likely that you are going to speed up the car eventually. Driving cars at high speed, you are increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the environment. Unnecessary acceleration wastes gas and money. Wasting more gas means, you are troubling the nature with more carbon dioxide. Driving at slower or normal speed, you are lowering the level of releasing gas in the air and thus making a cleaner and better environment.

Systematic and regular check of car

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With passing time, interiors of car start diminishing. Regular and proper check on the car is essential to make it work for longer period. For getting a well-maintained car, a systematic and regular check is essential. Getting your car serviced regularly means you are keeping oil, fuel, and air filters up to date. In addition, keeping them updated means less emission of carbon in air. Maintenance of the car is therefore essential to reduce car’s carbon footprints.

Scrutinize tires frequently

Checking Tire Pressure

Keeping a check on tires frequently, you will reduce the carbon footprints in the environment. Tires being an important part of the car, you must take proper care of your car’s tires properly. Always check the air in the tires, as it depends on the air in tires, the quantity of fuel you are using.

If you are using more fuel, you are contributing more in polluting the environment by releasing more carbon. Moreover, keep your car light. Do not put heavy luggage in car, as it will make car heavy putting more pressure on tires. More pressure of tires means using more fuel. In addition, when you are using more fuel, you are contributing in polluting environment.

Encourage using green vehicle

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Green vehicles have less impact on environment as compared to other vehicles. Encouraging the use of green vehicles will make the environment cleaner, as green vehicle do not produce more carbon dioxide that can harm the environment. Owning a green car can contribute in making a cleaner and better environment.

Knowing that our lifestyle influences our environment, we must practice such activities that help in reducing this effect. While we are improving our lifestyle, we are fostering a healthy environment.

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