Healthcare’s Emerging Social Entrepreneurs

As some entrepreneurs push for profit, many others have begun pushing for change through business models that are socially responsible and sustainable. These social entrepreneurs have affected change in a multitude of important industries, including technology, science, government and healthcare. In fact, social entrepreneurial endeavours in the field of health are doing everything from establishing medical clinics in developing nations to promoting healthcare equality around the world.

For those interested in forming these types of organizations or working for them, a good foundation in healthcare is a must. Many social entrepreneurs are healthcare professionals with years of experience in various areas who’ve furthered their educations with Healthcare MBA’s offered through leading programs like GW Online.


Such Healthcare MBA programs are especially beneficial to entrepreneurs because they aid in developing practical business skills and leadership qualities within the context of the healthcare industry. Further, they prepare professionals for a range of complex challenges in the real world requiring critical thinking and business acumen – both of which are carefully crafted, practiced and tested in the program. Many of those who’ve successfully completed a Healthcare MBA program have flourished as administrators, managers, executives and emerging social entrepreneurs.




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