Mine Kafon: Sustainably built GPS-equipped mine clearing device

With Tsunamis, hurricanes (Sandy) and natural cataclysm shaking the world and humans exacerbating the situation evermore while deploying landmines, indulging in nuclear clashes and deranging the environmental balance, time is ripe when we should seek measures to reduce the impact of such commotions. While most of the aforementioned disasters are beyond our powers, clearing landmines is something we can work on for sure.

Accordingly, we have an Afghan designer Massoud Hassani who has come up with a rolling land mine destroyer device.

Dubbed as Mine Kafon, the tumbleweed-like contrivance is made from biodegradable plastics and bamboo. The unique device relies on an en suite GPS system to trace the location of the mine it meets as it keeps blowing around in the wind. When the spherical device hits a mine, it explodes into pieces but not before it has logged the mine’s location. Further, minesweepers can sweep the area to ensure no further loss of lives.

Via: Gadgetose

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