Artist uses fallen leaves as canvas to portray NYC cityscapes

For the New York City inhabitants, it won’t be that easy to put the repercussions of Hurricane Sandy out of their minds. Still, since time heals all wounds, we are sure that the city – the nation, for that matter – will bounce back strongly to normalize things soon. However, in the meantime, we’ve artists like Matthew Richards trying to pacify the shaky nerves and disconcerted minds as he revisits the ever beautiful, flourishing NYC through his art.

Using fallen leaves as his canvas, the London-based photographer has created amazing art to display several black and white cityscapes of the city. Named New York 2012, his compositions allow one to see the city’s buildings, streets and parks on the texture of fallen leaves. The way he makes fallen leaves to be vocal enough to articulate the ingrained magnificence and captures the splendid cityscapes, one can’t help but appreciate the ingenuity, precision and devotion of the artist.

Via: MyModernMet

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