Meet Grit, a complete adventure gear for compulsive nomads

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Campers and adventurers will sure like Grit, an adventure tool that utilizes extra gears from a washable shaver to support its dynamo mechanism. Conceived by Aarish Netarwala, the multipurpose flashlight/lantern is an extremely compact and space-saving contraption. It features a dedicated dynamo that generates enough juice to power two AA batteries, which further powers a motor.

Grit has a USB charger port for allowing campers to charge their phones and other mobile devices. The extendable twist flashlight provides 360° illumination through a single LED. A concave LED diverges light to the sides as a lantern does, while the second convex one offers a concentrated light.

The motor from the electric shave serves the purpose of starting fires when needed. A spring-loaded disk uses a motor to rotate around a flint stone disk, which generates enough heat and friction to produce sparks. Grit packs in a crank shaft for recharging the AA batteries.

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