DIYer creates incredible music out of fruits, veggies

DIYer utilizes veggies to produce one-of-its-kind, incredible music

You might have seen and enjoyed numerous conventional musical instruments that still follow the age-old mechanisms for producing soothing tunes and beats. However, some artists (DIYers rather) keep thinking out of the box with the sole intent to revivify you music-listening experience. The BeetBox, which we covered in January this year, undoubtedly belonged to the category of unusual musical instruments that utilized actual beets to produce drumbeats. Now, a DIYer, better known as J.viewz, has come up with an unconventional instrument that utilizes fruits and vegetables to offer a wonderful musical experience.

As Gizmodo points it out, the music wouldn’t have been the same without using veggies. Watch this video to learn – enjoy rather – how one can convert veggies into a musical instrument:

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