Lumen flashlight needs touch, not batteries for power

It comes as no surprise to note that humans tend to waste a lot of energy on a daily basis. The drastic levels at which energy is being consumed and wasted can leave future generations with nearly no energy resources. Thankfully, a number of individuals and firms are coming forward to project a better, cleaner future with energy efficient inventions that could power our daily needs without consuming too much energy. The Lumen Flashlight falls into this category.

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Energy Efficient Light Source

The Lumen is an energy efficient flashlight that needs heat and not batteries for power. And this heat the flashlight gets from your touch. That’s right! The Lumen flashlight is a light source that can function with just the heat generated by your touch and not any other external energy source. The eternal light source can function with the same efficiency as the torch on a smartphone.

Working Principle

The Lumen flashlight comes with a small ceramic bar on the surface. It contains a thermoelectric generator which can convert the heat absorbed from your hands into electric current. The generator works on the principle of temperature differences, and produces enough current to power an LED bulb. The flashlight’s metal body acts as a radiator to absorb heat from your body and transfer it to the thermoelectric generator.

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Power Generation

Of course it is easy to understand that the Lumen flashlight works on body heat. This means it cannot power high output LEDs with the thermoelectric generator. In standard conditions where the user’s body temperature is 92 degrees Fahrenheit and the air temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, the Lumen flashlight can produce a power of about 15 mA@3v. This power will be enough to power a 5mm Cree LED that produces a light output of 3000 mCd.

In case the temperature difference is greater, more power is produced by the generator. This surplus power is stored inside a capacitor and will be used to power the flashlight whenever needed.

Glow in the Dark Feature

Another salient feature of the Lumen flashlight is its ability to glow in the dark. The flashlight is available in two materials, aluminum and titanium. An optional addition allows the flashlight to have an inbuilt Tritium vial-glass tubes. These tubes come with a phosphor layer and tritium glass. The phosphor will glow in the dark, with the tubes producing enough light for even a decade. This way, it will be very easy for one to locate the Lumen flashlight even in total darkness.

The Lumen flashlight is an energy efficient light source that gets its power from the heat absorbed from the user’s body. It can function eternally and even comes with a glow in the dark feature for one to locate it easily.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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