Simple tips to increase the reliability of car-lite mobility

Countries like Singapore are implementing car-lite strategies which will help the country become less dependent on cars. Better infrastructure and better public transport will assure people that they can travel with ease without their car.

Here’s why car-lite entails, and how it shows off its environmentally friendly side.

  1. Avoid your car

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For doing small things like groceries or going to the nearest shopping mall opt for your cycle or go walking. Avoid taking your car for these minor things. You can then start avoiding your car for longer trips where you can go in for public transport. Finally, when you have decreased your dependence on your car maybe you could just sell it.

  1. The economic factor

Everything boils down to money. Increasing care-lite mobility helps from the economic point of view. Calculate the amount that you have been spending on factors like car maintenance, car insurance, fuel etc. You will realise that car-lite mobility helps you save lots of money. Concentrating on the economic factor will surely help people focus more on car-lite mobility.

  1. Health is wealth

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Avoiding driving can be a major plus point for your health. Driving can generate lots of fatigue which can have a detrimental effect on your health. When you keep cars away you are indirectly keeping your body and mind healthy. When the number of cars on the road decreases obviously the pollution levels also go down. Lesser pollution will definitely contribute towards better health.

  1. Search for fun filled options

The increase in car-lite mobility is connected to the change in the mindset of the people. They have to check out for other modes of public transportation.  They have to look at exploring their city or town on bikes and by walking. In countries like the USA, there is a revival of using bicycles for transportation. Once people develop the inclination to travel around without a car then the car-lite mobility concept will become more successful.

  1. Provision of better public transportation

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If the government of a country wants to make its nation car-lite then they have to provide more and better alternative modes of public transportation. Buses, trains and other better options which are convenient, attractive and economical will surely help in drawing the people towards public transport. Countries like Singapore are adding to their fleet of buses and Singapore government also aims at doubling the rail network by the year 2030. They also have a National cycling plan which aims at increasing the number of cycling paths. Emphasis is being laid on the use of bicycles and devices like e-scooters.

  1. Provision of better infrastructure

Simply having better public transport is not sufficient. People should be able to reach the nearest bus stop or railway station with ease. Therefore the government has to provide better infrastructure. It is important to provide better street design, bridges, roads etc which will make the travel experience of the commuter better.

  1. Curtail the number of private cars

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We have to understand that it is not possible to simply keep building roads. It is equally important to decrease the number of vehicles on the road. Therefore it is important to bring down the number of private cars which will help in making the country car-lite and help in decreasing the problem of traffic congestion and pollution.

  1. Optimise land use

Parking of cars uses lots of land. In order to make car-lite mobility more efficient is important to curb parking which is cheap and easy.

As we can see that these changes cannot happen in one day and needs a step by step approach. Car-lite mobility can be made more reliable by combining good infrastructure and public transport facilities along with a change in the attitude and approach of the people.

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