Innovative ways to recycle camera parts into usable stuff


We want to capture every precious, passing moment and that is why the camera has become a part of our day-to-day life. It is one of the most sold digital products all over the world. The popularity of camera shows how people are always trying to keep a piece of their past in their present.  But the camera can do a lot more than making your life memorable. Technology has moved ahead of the present time and it is always coming up with new and better ideas. Why just chuck away the used camera parts when the industrial and natural resources are so scanty? Tech lovers and scientists have found some interesting ways to use the camera parts for making new digital products.

  • Bracelets from camera Lens

Craig Arnold, a photographer by profession, has taken his love and passion for cameras to a new level. He has started churning out intriguing accessories made of camera pieces. Recycling has surely inspired the genius of this intelligent photographer who has created bracelets from the camera lens. The bracelets are not only gorgeous but they also look cool. Even the camera winder pin has been given a special touch by Craig. He calls his creations ‘cuffs’. If you are a camera lover, you will surely love to get your hands into them. They are priced 200$ onwards.

  • Camera Turned into Owl Lamp

Do you like quirky yet user friendly home decor? Then you should surely have a look at the owl lamp made from recycled camera parts. It has a unique and funny design which will surely compliment your home and it is very useful at the same time. We all love to introduce the new to our homes and make it look extraordinary. The brilliant idea behind the Owl Lamp will surely get you positive compliments from your guests.


  • Pendant from Vintage Camera Lens

This creation will surely rock your evening black dress. A beautiful pendant made from used, authentic camera lenses of vintage charm. It has numbers around it just like the camera lens and it has been made of metal and glass.


  • New, Disposable Cameras from Old Cell Phones

Let’s admit it, the digital cameras are quite pricey and all of us can’t afford them. If you too have been in dilemma as to whether you should spend your hard earned money on a digital cam then you will be glad to know that a Japanese company, Plaza Create, has come up with disposable cameras that made from used and old cell phone LEDs. They will not cost you as much as the real digital cameras.

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