Infant Care tips for eco conscious parents


Parents have started understanding the necessity of using eco friendly cleaners and garments for their toddlers. With the increase in pollution you need to make sure that your kids are not affected by the negative impact of pollutants. Eco parenting is all about using organic food products, apparel, cleaning equipments and staying away from the harmful chemicals. You want your kids to be healthy and want to keep them safe. You can achieve these goals by using eco friendly products and taking all necessary steps for keeping the environment clean and green. You should minimize your use of power and energy consumption. Using eco friendly methods of transportation and planting trees around your house will ensure that your kids grow up healthy and learn about protecting the environment.

Make your baby shower green

A good way of beginning a new life with your baby is to throw a green baby shower party for both of you. Ask your friends not to buy you materialistic goods. Make sure that you do not waste food and don’t include red meat on the menu. Buy things that you need but avoid products that use lots of harmful chemicals. Remember eco parenting is a great responsibility. You need to be very cautious about the carbon foot printing of your family members. The more cautious you are the more safe and secure your child’s future will be.

Stay healthy yourself

The responsibility of keeping your child safe is on your shoulders. Though fathers are taking up responsibility of taking care of the toddlers and infants, still the load of work rests on the shoulders of the mother. She is responsible for nursing the infants and feeding them. You should eat organic produce and lower the amount of meat consumption. If you used to smoke or drink, those habits have to be completely changed for eco parenting. Passive smoking can be dangerous for your children’s health. The fewer toxins you consume the better for your kids. Drink lots of water and eat health food if you are breast feeding your baby.


You should try your best to breastfeed

The milk of a mother consists of essential nutrients and necessary compounds that provide your child with good health. Children need to be breast fed so that their immune system is developed. There are a few alternatives that are as effective as the mother’s milk.

The Diapers

You can use cloth diapers which can be recycled and reused instead of the disposable diapers. The disposable diapers are not eco friendly and some of them even contain bio-degradable elements.

Eco friendly apparel

Many clothing brands are selling eco friendly clothing for toddlers. These clothes are made of natural fabrics that have no impurities.

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