Monique Pean recycles mammoth bones into sustainable jewelry

Eco-conscious fashion buffs love just anything with the slightest tinge of green. However, are you daring enough to adorn your persona with jewelry made from fossilized bones? Well, designer Monique Pean wants you do the same as she has raised a collection of sustainable, handmade jewelry for Fall/Winter 2012 that uses recycled wooly mammoth ivory and diamonds.

The sustainable fine jewelry collection includes a colorful necklace ($26,380) with words “black” and “blue” (in Incan) inscribed on it. You’ll sure love the fossilized olive grey walrus ivory, blue fossilized woolly mammoth tooth root, 18K recycled oxidized white gold and white diamond paint necklace that beautifies the Sut’ana collection evermore.

Equally astonishing is the black and white, handmade scrimshaw necklace ($8,030) that packs in certain architectural elements. Want more? Monique offers diamond earrings ($21,750), further decorated with fossilized walrus ivory, black jade, pyrite, white diamond and opal.

If you are planning to order one for you, you need to act really fast since the designer creates each of the handmade jewelry pieces in 6-8 weeks. Available here, the entire collection awaits your approval.

Via: Treehugger

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