Gadgets that give a greener touch to your company

Eco friendly gadgets are trending immensely due to the benefits they possess. Going green for companies is important for many reasons. Companies using eco friendly gadgets positively affect the mind of many people. Companies using green gadgets can make it a marketing strategy to entice the likeminded customers, who are eco friendly. Moreover, being eco friendly fosters a healthier workplace and reduces the bills by saving more energy.

Many companies are going green knowing the benefits of going green. Going green is a tough task, but following gadgets will make this task easier providing all the help that one wants to do so.

Water powered clock

Water powered water clock 2

With tight working schedule at companies, it becomes necessary to work timely and efficiently. Having a constant eye on the clock will help. Using clocks for longer periods increases the cost of batteries. To reduce this cost, using water-powered clocks will do. Water powered clocks runs on regular water thus saving the cost of batteries. Apart from being eco friendly, these clocks are easy to use. Just open the lid and fill water and rest the clock will do making clocks run properly.

Similar to these clocks are multifunctional eco friendly tide clocks which besides time, also show local conditions, tide times, and harbour heights.

Green button

Green button

With green button, it is quite possible to save the energy of computers. When computers are not in use, then just pressing Green button will help in saving the power of your computer. Green button is perfect when you are not working on the computer. Whether you use computers or not but it will consume power. It is better to bring this button to the office where people mostly use computers. Using this button saves the electricity thus reducing your company’s bills by saving the energy.

Solar powered charger

Solar powered charger

Charging portable devices in office is common. Reducing batteries is a common problem while working in an office. With solar powered charger, it is possible to save the cost of electricity bills and utilizing the natural source of power, which is sunlight. Stick this charger to the window from where the sunlight passes properly. Solar power passing through the window will automatically charge the phone without using any other power. Solar powered chargers are thus a good choice to make efficient use of sunlight and reducing the electricity bills of your office.

Energy preserving socket

Energy preserving socket

Most of the times, gadgets are seen hanging in the socket for charging the draining batteries. With more usage, these gadgets are likely to drain the batteries. When in office or company, many gadgets need charging for smooth working of the business. For saving the wasting energy even after the gadgets are charged, preserving socket will be a great help.

This socket comes with the self-adjusting timer that helps in setting the time limit of charging. For charging, just plug in the gadget and set socket timer for half an hour, three hours, or six hours and forget about charging. After set time, the socket will automatically switch off, saving the battery of your gadget. Energy preserving socket helps saving the energy and the gadget from over charging that can sometimes destroy the battery.

USB charging cell batteries

USB cell batteries 1

Every year, thousands of batteries go waste. With the advent of USB charging cell batteries, it is possible to safeguard those batteries. USB charging cell batteries comes with the feature of charging through USB, when the battery power runs down. Using it is quite easy, just remove the cap and attach it to your laptop or computer and charge the draining batteries. Using this gadget at office, you do not have to worry about the draining batteries anymore.

As the demand of eco friendly gadgets is increasing, lives of people are becoming easier than ever before. This gadget not only saves the money and energy, but also helps in promoting the good health of our environment. Whether it is company or home, one must make the proper use of the eco friendly products.

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