Five creative lamps made using plastic bottles

Recycled plastic bottle lamps have caught the fancy of several individuals who are increasingly finding out different ways to help the environment in the process of cutting costs. In addition to being low cost and environment friendly, these lamps are sustainable and are available in a variety of eye-catching designs. Therefore, if you are looking out for one of these plastic marvels, here are some top models you can choose from.

LOTO Chandeliers by Eugenio Menjivar

The LOTO Chandeliers are a part of a DIY project that has been selected for the finals of the annual Spring Greening Competition, which focuses on creative designs made out of reused, reclaimed and recycled materials. The LOTO Chandeliers are made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles collected from oceans and swamplands. The designer transforms these otherwise normal bottles into translucent lotus flowers that form the focus of these suspended lamps.


Stunning Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Designed by Michelle Brand, this stunning chandelier is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bases of the bottles are cut off proportionately to resemble petals. The individual petals are then connected with a tag. The Stunning Plastic Bottle Chandelier has been one of the more popular designs in the Spring Greening Competition this year. Dropping to an elegant height, the chandelier looks ethereal and doesn’t even remotely resemble a product made out of recycled materials.

Bubble Chandelier by Shaun Kasperbauer

This effervescent design is made out of 60 recycled and reclaimed soda cans. The lamp at first glance looks like plenty of ambient bubbles glued together. Globular in shape and extremely funky to look at (not to mention extremely eco-friendly), the Bubble Chandelier uses low energy bulbs to provide appropriate lighting without melting the plastic in the process.

Recycled Plastic Lamps

Designed by Lisa Foo and Su Kim, these lamps showcase a variety of flowers, sea creatures, organisms and other organic forms as translucent light creatures. The ethereal designs have been handcrafted from recycled mineral water bottles and are extremely fabulous to look at. Looking at these lamps, you would never be able to even believe that they were made from nothing but scarp plastic that would have otherwise landed up in a landfill.


Ella Plastic Bottle Chandelier by Sarah Turner

Resembling an umbrella (the reason for the name ‘Ella’), this magnificent eco-friendly design by Sarah Turner has been made out of approximately 310 reclaimed plastic bottles. The bottles are usually collected from homes and coffee shops. The bottoms are then cut out to resemble beautiful petals. The petals are carefully placed in a dynamic structure to create a dome that measures about a meter wide. The designer uses low energy bulbs to prevent the plastic from melting. The lamp provides a beautiful (dramatic would be a better word) lighting option for any room in the house and creates playful shadows both within itself and on the walls. Definitely a must for every house we would say!

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