Most creative recycled jewelry designs

The saying goes something like this. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Now we don’t know if that would actually work for men. But we do know that it would definitely work for women, especially when there are some funky pieces of jewelry involved. Recycled jewelry is becoming quite a rage these days. These jewelries are made from reclaimed, recycled and reused waste materials that would have otherwise wound up in the landfill. And in addition to being extremely cheap and extremely eco-friendly, they come in a variety of really cool designs. What’s more, you can even make these designs at home! So if you are looking to buy (or make) some recycled jewelry, here are some of the best recycled designs we have come across in recent times.

X-Ray Earrings
The newest fad this season happens to be X-Ray earrings that are literally made out for old or abandoned X-Rays found in foreclosed homes, closed clinics and landfills. Designed by Up-cycled Jewelry, these earrings look extremely chic and come in a variety of designs. Up-cycled Jewelry also makes used of other waste materials like window or door glass and unused computer components to make other interesting pieces of recycled jewelry.
Colored Pencil Jewelry
All those used up color pencils lying around idle in that storage box in your room could serve a better purpose. You can make use of these colored pencils to create your own funky piece of recycled jewelry. All you need would be a bunch of colored pencils, a string to connect them and some time to work things out. You would be able to make a range of designs with the pencils, including brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces etc.

Skateboard Earrings
Have a worn out skateboard that you are planning to toss in the garbage? Rather, hand it over to 2ReVent who would transform your old skateboard into brand new pieces of recycled jewelry. 2ReVent makes a wide range of jewelry designs from old skateboards. Each design is handcrafted and follows a unique design. The company also specializes in making coasters, belt buckles and cuff links, all from used skateboard parts.
Computer Keyboard Pendants
Don’t throw away that broken keyboard just yet! For you can use the keys on the keyboard to make interesting pieces of jewelry, including fancy pendants, which you can gift, your family and friends (especially computer geeks). In addition to being eco-friendly, these pendants would be extremely versatile and would be very easy to make (with the exception of a few trials and errors). In addition to pendants, you can transform these keys into other forms of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even brooches etc.

Watch Rings
Have an old watch you simply adore too much to throw out? Well then, have it up-cycled into a ring! dustDesignCo has decided to do just that. The company specializes in selling one of a kind recycled rings made out of the insides of watches. The company boasts of selling over 55 unique pieces of the design and also up-cycles other materials like vintage spirit labels, antique car parts and transit tokens to form really cool pieces of recycled jewelry.

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