Creative recycled art made using electronic waste

Electronic devices such as a cell phone, computers and laptops are considered to be technologic boon in 21st century. Although they make our life easy, comfortable and hi tech but on the other hand once they reach the end of life, they are thrown away thereby creating a large amount of electronic waste, which is quite hazardous to our environment.

Some highly innovative artists have devised a novel idea to handle this problem. They have created various impressive artworks out of this waste, which are not only appealing but also give out a strong statement to save our ecosystem. Have a look at some of those excellent pieces of creativity.

Smart E-waste art: a curious hummingbird

This is one of the best examples of creativity in which Australian artist Sean E Avery has utilized the unused or junk CDs to create pictures of birds and animals. Apart from using CD-ROMs Sean uses other computer parts such as chips and circuit boards as well, which has been declared junk? The dexterity with which the artist cuts the CDs and puts them together is really awesome.


N+ew Seats from E-waste

This amazing seat, which is made up of electronic waste, is handiwork of artist Rodrigo Alonso. Created from used keyboards, CDs, motherboards and cables, it looks like an astounding piece of art and furniture as well. This set of creation is named N+ew i.e. No More Electronic Waste and truly goes by its name since it has been entirely created from electronic waste.

 R³bots from recycled electronic waste

 Made from junk stereos, DVD players and electronic parts, this piece of art is worth its value. R³bots has been visualized and created by Marco Fernandes who belongs to Portugal and is very excited about his creations. Although you may think to buy these R³bots for collection purpose but you may be amazed to know that they are a bit pricey. Each R³bots may cost you from 450 Euros to 500 Euros.

E-waste sneakers

Heads are bound to turn if you wear these sneakers and go for a walk. Made up entirely of electronic waste material, this pair of shoes is the brainchild of American artist Gabriel Dishaw. Though they look little messy with all the wires and electronic parts smothered around but still the approach is so original and genuine.


Discarded cellphone installation

 This beautiful imagery is made by Nigel Sielegar wherein he tries to demonstrate that the unused cell phones if not treated or recycled in a proper way could leave hazardous elements in our ecosystem. This attractive looking scenery is made entirely by using 100s of waste cell phones.

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