Enjoy shopping these best eco-friendly clothing brands of 2019

eco- friendly clothing brands of 2018

Thanks to the growing awareness among the millennials, a great part of humanity is going towards a more sustainable lifestyle. From vehicles and gadgets to clothes and accessories, there’s nothing that isn’t going eco-friendly now. In fact, even artists are making environmental statements by employing recycled materials. Therefore, in time like these, how can the popular fashion brands stay back? They too are luring their customers by providing them what they want, that is ethical and natural fashion wears. Nevertheless, eco should not be a word that creates an image of green or oatmeal sort of fashion colors or the garments that lack all sorts of desirability, detailing, beauty or luxury and are oversized too. Here are some of the best eco-friendly clothing brands of 2019 to shop.

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17 – Best eco–friendly clothing brands of 2019

1. Reformation:

Image Source : refinery29.comReformation is a company founded by females with 80 % of its working tea consisting of females. It creates genuine feminine silhouettes and sustainable clothes using fabrics like rescued materials from old stock and vintage clothes to serve repurpose. The brand not only cares about the environment but is providing health benefits too. So your money is all well spent while buying garments of this brand. The company has recently started manufacturing plus size clothes too.

2. Kitx:

Owned by Kit Willow, this eco-friendly clothing brand has joined hands with Indian artisans and believes in ethical and eco- conscious fashion. The brand works on the mantra of making girls feel good without compromising the safety of our planet.

3. Gabriela Hearst:

The brand has a quality passion. Conscious and unique capsule wardrobes are created by the designers presenting luxury rate tags but the attention of the brand to every detail makes it worthy to invest in.

4. Amur:

The sharp tailoring and vivid prints by Amur proves that fashion is both stylish and organic. What makes the brand website unique from others is that it allows the shoppers to buy sustainable clothes as per the preference of the material.

5. Ninety percent:Ninety percent

Image Source : relaxed daywear comes from Ninety Percent in dreamy fabrics. The brand works on a unique note of sharing 90% of its total profits as charity and among those who make this collection happen.

6. Bottletop:

Bottletop is among the best eco-friendly clothing brands of 2019. It is a core luxury fashion and sustainable brand. Launched by Cameron Saul and his father in 2002, has its exclusive store at the Regent Street along with fashion greats like Tommy HilFiger and Burberry, proving that its accessories are truly desirable.

7. Tome:

Tome has been delivering stylish clothes continuously since it has entered this green fashion Not only its designs are ever evolving, even the label is constantly working in improving the company, looking after the waste reduction and focussing over its female workforce. The designer outfits are hit among celebrities too. Everyone has worn it from Solange Knowles and Amber Heard to Kate Bosworth.

8. People tree:

People tree is among all those brands who first took the initiative of sustainable clothing realising that green fashion and ethical clothes were important much before being fashionable. Working for nearly 3 decades, the company is the only one to be credited by World Fair trade organisation. You may shop with this brand for colourful and versatile dresses that can be worn in all seasons.

9. Simon Miller:

Simon Miller has earned a big name in sustainability with its bag hung on the arms of most of the fashion influencers. The bag has reduced impact and water is conserved using ozone technology and organic mills during production. Therefore, the colourful bucket style bags have got a great recognition.

10. Edun:Edun

Image Source : cdn.wallpaper.comEdun is another example of sustainable brands that prove that being eco- friendly doesn’t mean being boring. The brand agrees that ecological initiatives are most important for the customer of today and we should be enough mindful to save the global environment. Moreover, Edun is among the powerful and most popular brands that create trendy pieces keeping the environment safe. It is among the best eco- friendly clothing brands of 2019.

11. Veja:

Veja came into being in 2004 and gives impeccable attention to sustainable replacements. It has also joined hands with Atelier Sans Frontiers which is an organization helping incarcerated people or who are struggling to earn their living by employing them to prepare orders.

12. Phine:

Elina Faurschou, a Sweden based jewellery designer who is specialist in making Scandi- inspired Jewellery using eco- friendly products. Each of the pieces is made using gold of fair trade or recycled silver. In addition, her feminist collection also raises money for those girls who come from economically disadvantaged groups.

13. Lark and berry:

Lark and Berry presents cultured diamonds that are sourced sustainable, grown through lab technology. They are same as mined diamonds with an added feature of eco-conscious fashion.

14. Nak:

It is a vegan leather brand manufacturing shoes and works over a simple thought that killing of animals is not needed for wearing beautiful shoes. Started in 2014, Nak uses traditional processes as used in the shoe industry of Italy which results in classic and cruelty- free products.

15. Organic threads:

Image Source : cdn.shopify.comOrganic threads is among the best eco-friendly clothing brands of 2019 and is a sustainable brand that make socks using 100% organic cotton which is grown as well as manufactured in USA. Furthermore, they need not to dye them and still their products have earthy and beautiful tones and look absolutely great.

16. Nudie Jeans:

Nudie jeans are a Scandinavian brand that deals in denim wear. They use absolutely ethical products and sustainable environment is a must issue for them. All their products consist of 100% cotton which uses 91% less cotton as compared to what the traditional methods use. The company gives alively wage is given to everyone in their supply chain. Moreover, they resell recycled second-hand garments. Furthermore, they announce unannounced checks on their suppliers and factories so as to ensure that their standards are kept high always.

17. Patagonia:

Patagonia puts a lot of efforts to show its love for nature and the natural work. They make sure that the products are ethically and safely produced and they revise the entire supply chain so as to see if there is any negative impact on environment due to their production activities and also provide their workers subsidized childcare, paternity leave, paid maternity and health insurance. It has been numbered among the best eco-friendly clothing brands of 2019.

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