7 best eco-friendly swimwear brands


The world is full of myriad clothing brands that give you an almost infinite choice to choose from. Therefore, since we are surrounded by so many popular clothing brands, making a wise choice is always difficult. However, by following one particular criterion, you can easily narrow down your choice. By opting for environment-friendly clothes, you can be in style and at the same time, follow your duty towards mother earth. Remember, fast fashion is one of the worst contributors to global warming. So always make your choice wisely. Even when you want to buy a good swimwear for your self, make sure that you look for best eco-friendly swimwear brands in the market first.

One of the most complicated tasks in life is shopping for a new swimsuit, isn’t it? It is no longer a decision that is limited by budget or designer anymore, is it? Because now ethical shopping or eco-conscious shopping is the best way to support the environment and society.

Finding the right thing to wear is quite a task. Not only do you have to find the right fit for your body type, they have to be fun and flirty while making sure they are ethical fashion.

7 Best eco-friendly swimwear brands

If you are in the market for new sustainable swimwear, look no further than this list. Here is a compilation of the most affordable and eco-friendly swimwear brands who swears by ethical production practices.

These brands not just recycle or epicycle their raw materials, they also do their part in doing right by the environment. Not to mention, they make you feel unashamed to ditch that perfect beach body in favor of flaunting their eco-friendly practices.

Here is a list of some of the best eco-friendly swimwear brands:

1. Greenlee Swims –
Greenlee Swims

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Greenlee Swims’ products are manufactured and designed locally. Not only are their products made from recycled and reused material, they are also one of the leading ethical fashion brands out there. They manufacture luxury suits for women from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes. They also make sure that a part of the proceeds from your purchases go towards other environment saving initiatives like Heal The Bay.

2. Mymarini –

In 2013, German designer Mareen Burk successfully launched her sustainable swimwear brand, Mymarini. In case you were wondering about the name, Mymarini basically is an amalgamation of three words. ‘My’ ‘Mar’ – which is the Spanish word for sea and ‘Ini’ – which are the last three letters of the word bikini. Even though the production of each product happens in Germany, Mareen started off the brand while she was living in South and Central America. Her swimwear is most affordable and mixes fashion and style with finesse.

3. Aexae Swim –
Aexae Swim

This brand was born in 2016 after the 21-year-old designer, Amelia Perez, could not find an ethical fashion brand that designed sustainable swimwear that fit her curvier figure. And in the two years since its inception, the brand has cultivated quite the following. So much so that even the Kardashian’s are fans (Kim and Kourtney). The USP of this brand is that besides being most affordable, the designs are an ode to the 80s and 90s era when focus was more on comfort and being fuss-free. They are mostly designed in a neutral colour palette and are made of Italian butter-fabric.

4. Mara Hoffman –
Mara Hoffman swimwear

Hailing from the fashion capital of the West, New York City, this is one of the leading eco-friendly swimwear brands currently in the market. Though this brand belongs to Mara Hoffman’s lifestyle brand of the same name, it is the one of most affordable out there. Not only are the products made of sustainable materials and the initiative is super eco-conscious, the brand is also a part of multiple non-profit partnerships that collaborate for sustainable clothing to be put out in the market.

5. Davy J –
Davy J

This brand is not just a sustainable swimwear brand, it has slowly graduated to become a part of the wardrobe for ardent followers of this brand. This brand manufactures products that are more inclined to cater to swimmers than to people who only want to lounge in the sun. This brand’s USP is that its designs (both the one piece and two-piece ones) are made from plastic waste of the sea, especially ghost fishing nets — which account for one-tenth of all marine litter.

6. Ethical Fashion Frontrunner:

MANTE – Originating from Palm Beach, Florida, Janeane Marie’s sustainable swimwear brand is one of the most-talked about American brands at the moment. Even though it is one of the most affordable players in the market at the moment, customers cannot stop raving about the quality that is being provided by this brand. Each piece of this brand’s collection is manufactured in the States even though most of the raw material is sourced from Italy.

6. Lacausa –

One of the key-players in the most affordable eco-friendly swimwear brands segment is Los Angeles based brand Lacausa. Even though the brand is shy of celebrating even a year of going into mass production, it has managed to grab the attention of audiences both online and offline. And even though the key fabric used is a mix of nylon and spandex, the brand makes sure that the best practices are employed while designing and manufacturing each of the pieces in their collection.

Final Words

One of the key things to remember before opting to buy any swimwear is to choose the correct fit before you choose the trend you want to follow. Even if that means buying something new, then so be it. One of the advantages of making ethical fashion choices is that you just don’t have to focus on their contribution to the environment. Most of these brands also focus on the fit they provide to the customer.

Even though buying something that is most affordable will be your first choice, do not forget to focus on adjustability as well. And if buying something that appears slimming is the key motivating factor, one can never go wrong with the printed one-piece.

One thing that most swimwear brands fail to highlight but sustainable swimwear brands focus on is the quality of cloth. Sustainable swimwear brands mostly use fade-resistant, chlorine and SPF free fabrics. And that is something your swimwear should always have.

Now-a-days, most eco-friendly swimwear brands provide the ‘all shapes and sizes option’. So, even if it does not feel like it, it is always a good time to invest in a good pair of sustainable swimwear.

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